Meet Chris Fothergill

A photo of Chris Fothergill sitting on the sofas, testing a website in the JUMP office

Meet The Team:
Chris Fothergill, Lead Developer

Following the introduction of our ‘Meet the team’ page comes our mini blog series. Each week, hear personally from our team members about their roles at JUMP and more. This week, meet Chris F…

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a fairly easy going person who loves to learn new things and build interesting stuff. I started programming when I was in my early teens by learning Basic before going on to learn C and bit of C++.

Summarise your role at JUMP

As lead developer, it is my role to efficiently implement what the designers have designed and to support other members of the Development Team.

What got you into web development?

Nothing in particular really got me into web development, but I enjoy all forms of programming. I am fascinated with the fast pace in which the industry moves. I have a particular interest in Javascript as I absolutely love the language and how dynamic it can be.

Describe the project you've worked on that you're proudest of. What did you do that worked out particularly well?

I would say I’m proudest of my work on Get into Newcastle. I knew by looking at the designs that this was going to be a reasonably resource intensive site so I set out from the beginning to make it as efficient as possible taking Mobile First to its full potential. I used a lot of techniques like client side rendering, bundle splitting and dead code elimination, making sure to take advantage of the HTML/JS features to ensure clients were not loading more than they needed.

What do you hope to achieve at JUMP?

I hope to be a valuable asset to the company and contribute ideas for ways we can work more efficiently whilst achieving the same or better standard of work. I am now leading a team, which is something I hoped to achieve.

What do you like most about Web Development/being a web developer?

I think the thing I love most about being a web developer is how everything is constantly evolving. There isn’t a day goes by when there is not something new to learn about or something interesting being discussed in the community.

Finally, what advice would you give to any junior developers starting out?

My advice would be to never become too comfortable and try to learn at least one new thing in every project that you do.


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