Newcastle University Careers Service

Newcastle University Careers Service

How do you create a distinctive brand within University guidelines?

Newcastle University provides world-class education to almost 25,000 students from across the globe. With a proud teaching history that dates back to 1834, they have a deep-rooted brand with a distinguished identity. They asked JUMP to develop the brand for their Careers Service, which offers first-rate support at every stage of the University experience. To do this, we produced a striking set of illustrations that reflected key messages the University wanted to communicate to its students.

A brochure in situ for the Northern Design Festival 2016 - where do ideas come from?

Delivering a bold identity to engage with students and staff

It was imperative to immerse ourselves in the Careers Service brand and gain a solid understanding of their history, evolution and current constraints before exploring ways to strengthen it. To do this, we carried out primary research and reviews through a set of focus groups with both students and staff. This highlighted that the Service needed something both engaging and encouraging with a strong University presence incorporated within it. For the new brand, we introduced an illustrative style that moved away from archetypal advertisements within the sector and used direct messages to promote the benefits of the Service. This, along with the complimentary colour palette, allowed us to create something that is friendly but still maintains a 'professional' look.

Careers Service poster one Promotional materials for Careers Service
Careers Service poster two

What we did

Focus Groups
Graphic design
Promotional materials
Visual language

Stakeholders have really started to engage with the new brand

"JUMP provided a perfect partnership through understanding our needs and acting on them with clarity and confidence to ensure a stand-out brand."

Laura Sharp, Marketing Manager
Newcastle University Careers Service

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