A timeless identity for Ward Robinson

By Robert Brown

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Ward Robinson was established in 1991 and has been developing a bespoke combination of services supporting clients with the design of their physical spaces, the management of the processes and costs for over 25 years. They offer their services either individually or simultaneously for prestigious clients across UK and Europe. JUMP was commissioned to refresh the Ward Robinson brand and website in order to create a classic, timeless identity that is both distinctive and representative of the organisation as a whole. 

Scale and stature

Our main objective throughout the design process was to demonstrate the scale and stature of Ward Robinson in a clean, clear and high quality way. For the logo, we wanted to keep it simple and sleek in order to achieve a professional look and 'clean' quality. We extended this outlook throughout the layout of the website too, using a white canvas with the injection of green and grey throughout. This was especially important so that we could translate it clearly to other marketing materials such as site boards, stationery, letterheads etc. In this way we developed a consistent design that looked sharp across all platforms.

The breadth of experience

One of the most important aspects of the website was to highlight the breadth of experience the Ward Robinson team have; we did a range of things to showcase this through our design. In the ‘practice section’, we opted for an easy-to-follow page of information including their services, the team and the selected clients.

In the ‘projects’ section of their website, we used a filter, which would allow for the categorising of interior design and project management as well as the categorising of the individual sectors they have worked on too. We felt a strong visual element was vital for these pages, given the fact that so much of what they do focuses on design and aesthetics. We ensured that there was strong photo book for every case study, which would further show off their impressive work. The result was a simple, clean design that showcases their abilities and allows people to easily browse through an engaging portfolio of case studies. 

An image of the Ward Robinson 'Meet the Team' page
An image of the Ward Robinson project page from the website

 See the Ward Robinson website for yourself at https://www.wardrobinson.com/

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