A (moving) picture is worth a thousand words

By Rachel Alexander

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Marketers and media outlets alike jumped on the news that the human attention span has shrunk to just 8 seconds, at least according to one 2015 study published by Microsoft. While the myth was debunked, the notion still prevails that you don’t have long to hook your potential customers. There are many ways to make your brand communications stand out from your competitors. Depending on who your target audience is JUMP can help you to reach your customers with bespoke creative solutions. One of the ways we can help you to communicate your message is through animation.

Animation, or motion graphics specifically, is great at capturing the attention of your audience as the dynamic medium does the work of the storyteller. A crucial part of developing your brand strategy is being able to define, develop and tell your brand story. An on-brand animation tailored to your needs can tell your story quickly and efficiently with just the right amount of intrigue to get your customers to come directly to you. At JUMP, we have created bespoke animations specifically for our clients to help them convey important messages.

PNE Group

Recently JUMP completed the design and development of a new website for North East enterprise experts, PNE Group. For the launch of the website, we wanted to have a succinct visual explaining their process and work. Sketches for an infographic weren’t sitting right, not quite getting across the cyclical nature of PNE’s work in a slick way. Instead, a storyboard was created with input from the client and a video was created to show the journey PNE goes through with each of the businesses they support.


Kiku is a directory of UK therapists where users can browse therapist profiles and book online appointments in a calm and clutter-free environment. The target audiences for Kiku fall into two categories: the end-users and the therapists. The website UX design ensures easy navigation for the end-user, making finding the right therapist a breeze. The website’s Content Management System also had to be intuitive for the therapists managing their practice online with Kiku. For some therapists, this would be their first time using a Content Management System in the back-end of a website, so a series of informative animations were created to walk users through the main features they can manage.

The animations feature a simplified version of the Content Management System, highlighting specific areas and walking users through the main features on offer. Care was taken when creating the script and storyboard so that the descriptions of each feature flowed in the order therapists would encounter and explore them. Voice-over, provided by Kiku’s CEO, explains the system in time with the on-screen visuals for an informative and easy to follow guide.


FIRST are an energetic group of people committed to supporting young people, startups and employees to reach their potential and beyond. JUMP recently completed a full rebrand and new website for FIRST; through our interviews with their clients, we found that what really sets FIRST apart is their staff. The energy, passion and wit they inject into everything they do keeps their clients coming back for more, and we knew we had to capture their essence in the work we produced for them.

Part of our brief was to create three teaser videos to promote their main services: helping people get into work or start their own business, working with junior staff, and to introduce the Startup Awards North East. For these videos the copywriting was essential in conveying FIRST’s brand, so kinetic typography took centre stage with all focus on the words.

Combined with music, sound effects and voice-over, or completely devoid of sound, animation can become an effective communication tool for your brand. Animated videos can quickly engagingly convey information in a format that is ideal for social media. Moving images has the ability to build upon your narrative and create a connection with your audience.

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