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How do you create a brand and website that truly benefits everyone?

Benefits Everyone is a scheme that helps employees of Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust understand their benefits. It covers everything from Salary Sacrifice to offers, benefits, staff engagement and more. We were asked to design a new brand, website and marketing materials that would contribute to a central hub and point of contact for all local NHS employees to access information easily and apply for their entitlements.

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A focus on the people from the outset

The focus of the project is people. We therefore spent a lot of time considering personas and thinking about the type of people who would be using the site and what exactly they would want from it. We did many hypothetical user journeys that would give us a clear indication of not just who would be encountering the brand and website, but exactly how they would use it too, giving a definitive idea of what would be beneficial to them.

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Bringing personality and practicality to Benefits Everyone

We wanted the Benefits Everything brand and message to be warm, positive and engaging – to stand out from the crowd without the standardisation of similar schemes. We managed to do this without sacrificing its practicality; this was fundamental to delivering something accessible for users with simple steps, as well as a complex database system to help process and manage applications more efficiently.

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