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How do you create an inspirational website that can perform on a world stage?

Blyth Tall Ship is a pioneering project that recaptures the spirit of adventure and global entrepreneurship used to discover the Antarctic land mass over 200 years ago. The project inspires future generations to fulfil potential through engineering skills and boat building, as well as recreating the Williams Expedition voyage set to sail in 2020, showcasing the North East’s talent, engineering and technology. JUMP was honoured to create a new website that would integrate the Blyth Tall Ship and the Williams Expedition sites, restoring hope to a community and inspiring a new generation.

Blyth Tall Ship website being displayed on a Laptop

Recapturing the spirit of adventure

It was important to ensure the refreshed brand and website would engage, inspire and demand action. We simplified and modernised the Blyth Tall Ship brand and redeveloped the Williams Expedition brand, making them work together whilst maintaining their own identities. We wanted to offer a timeless overall design steeped in the heritage and workmanship of Blyth, recapturing the spirit of adventure within the community and resonating with all that encounter the project.

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Drawing of Williams Expedition ship
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Global entrepreneurship for a new generation

Blyth Tall Ship gives back purpose to the next generation – it inspires a reclaimed sense of pride and brings better prospects to both Blyth and the wider region. We needed to show the scale of importance that Blyth Tall Ship and the Williams Expedition serve, particularly to the people that make the project possible. We specifically designed all aspects of the brand and website to show off what it has achieved so far, as well as its ambitious plans for the future. The result is an exciting platform that serves to inspire, simultaneously showing the extraordinary value it serves to the North East.

Blyth Tall Ship website being displayed on an iPhone

Changing the course of a whole community

"We were excited to find that JUMP shared a real passion for our progress and that of our people, instantly capturing our sense of spirit and comradery and communicating it throughout the project."

Clive Gray, Chief Executive, Blyth Tall Ship

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