How do you create a brand for a unique organisation?

FIRST has a mission to give people the skills they need to get a job, start a business or get ahead in their career. A seemingly simple proposition but the broad range and needs of their target audiences and their unique ways of working had previously made it hard to communicate the value of their work. JUMP spent time speaking to FIRST’s customers, understanding what their work meant to them, before embarking on a rebrand, new website and set of marketing materials and videos.

first logo design

Putting people first

During our research phase, the aspect that really struck us was the energy and passion that FIRST consistently bring to their work, underpinned by a depth of understanding and rigour. It was this unique vibrancy that we wanted to capture in their brand to set them apart from their competitors. Their ability to adapt and work across sectors with end-users with a diverse set of challenges inspired us to create a brand that adapted, evolved and was never still, bland or boring. A simple typeface and bold colour palette were brought to life with the dot of the ‘i’ which could represent a range of themes and emotions.

first poster design

A website with personality

The website design gave us scope to bring out the playful nature of the brand whilst still ensuring we communicated the trust and quality that their customers were looking for. We wanted the site to make visitors stop in their tracks: a jolt to the senses and a breath of fresh air in one, to do justice to the hard work and personalities behind the brand. The website was supported by a range of marketing tools including three videos aimed at different audiences, to capture new audiences and bring them to the site to demonstrate what FIRST could offer.

first website mock ups

Where passion meets potential

"Working with an agency that ‘get it’ ensured there was a wonderful, human relationship between us that was built on trust, collaboration, passion and respect for both organisations' work"

Charlotte Windebank, MD and Co-founder

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