Green Baggage

Green Baggage website mocked up on various screens

The travel industry has a lot of baggage

Green Baggage are on a mission to make travelling with baggage better for our planet. Experts in baggage handling operations, sustainability and technology, they are striving to make a difference. 

Green Baggage’s aim is to reduce the impact that approximately 1.5 billion travellers and their baggage have on the environment every year through improved efficiencies in baggage handling, better processes and enhanced manufacturing. JUMP's focus was to understand these smarter ways to travel and then utilise them to create a new brand identity and bespoke website.

Green Baggage website mocked up on various mobile screens

A green first brand

Green Baggage are passionate about encouraging companies to make the change to cleaner travel through knowledge and education so it needed an identity with a focus on thinking 'green first'. 

The brand designed by JUMP needed to express Green Baggage’s core message ‘To travel around the world, we need a world to travel around’. The brand had to convey its strong values and ambition, to inspire change in current travel processes, as well as reinforce Green Baggage’s mission to actively contribute to making the world we travel a better place.

Logo over aerial plane image

A website for change

Building on their core commitment, the Green Baggage website needed to stand for change in the travel industry. 

With the intention of inviting world-leading partners to become active participants that will drive change in the aviation industry, the website has a focus on joining Green Baggage and becoming a member. JUMP focussed on messaging, imagery and colour use to create a platform and knowledge hub for all things climate and sustainability in the baggage and travel sectors. This will in turn promote passenger awareness and encourage companies to make the change to cleaner travel through knowledge and education, but most importantly, to lead by example.

Two website screens overlaid

Easter egg hero opportunity

The website design pushed the skills of the developers to produce an interactive easter egg on the hero; a spotlight tracking the mouse position and revealing the real colour of the images behind the green masked beach paradise. However, the challenge came when only allowing the reveal inside the lettering. A challenging but fun part of the build with a satisfying and pleasing result.

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To travel around the world, we need a world to travel around

"Green Baggage is a movement, a force for change. An organisation designed to disrupt the norm. JUMP understood this and gave us the tools we needed to challenge the travel industry."

Marlon van der Meer, CEO

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