How do you create a brand that inspires people to take small steps?

Supported by the NHS, HowFit is a campaign for home wellbeing and fitness, encouraging the public to take small steps to feel good. The website and accompanying leaflet include simple exercises that anybody can do at home whilst in lockdown. Some exercise is better than none and HowFit aims to encourage every step of the way.

For the brand, JUMP was inspired by the physical form, with the ‘i’ in the logotype representing a figure being active. Exercise is often better together so the figure is joined to the letters either side of it. The brand shows that physical activity makes you feel happy and healthy and that it can be fun!

HowFit printed guide

A focus on feeling good

To build on the brand identity and communicate its character and messaging in a unique way, JUMP worked on illustration to inspire the audience to get moving. We further animated these characters to explain the exercises in a simple way, ensuring these work well on all screen sizes, including smaller, mobile screens.

This ensures that exercise is made easy which is HowFit’s main goal; exercise is for everyone and no matter how much you do, being active is good for you both physically and mentally. It’s never too late and you can get started today!

Animation of a exercise

How do you create a platform which addresses the lack of exercise during a national lockdown?

Being home for a long time means we’ve not been getting the exercise we used to. Even before the COVID-19 virus hit the UK, not enough of us were getting the exercise we needed to stay as fit and well as possible. 

As with all JUMP’s website, the HowFit platform was built from scratch so we could accommodate the needs of the NHS and the user. This included access to 40 exercises, animations, videos, information and tips on healthy living. The user experience throughout ensured a focus on people so that the website offered an easy but enjoyable experience for every age bracket. 

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Small steps to feeling good

"JUMP made our ideas concrete from providing an innovative, brilliantly executed design for our brand, leaflet and website, to execution and delivery. Without JUMP's talented team, huge expertise and professionalism, our ideas wouldn't have become reality."

Dr Steve Parry, Consultant Physician

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