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How do you rebrand ageing?

The UK Government has made a £20 million investment in Newcastle University to part-fund a £40 million Centre that will address the challenges of a globally ageing population. This will be done through matching its needs with world-leading science, technology and design, and bringing together business, academia and the public to stimulate innovation of products and services that help people live better for longer. Following a national pitch, JUMP was commissioned to create a brand that would address these challenges and overcome the stigma associated with ageing, developing it across marketing and advertising materials both on and offline.

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Newcastle University logo

Removing the stigma through innovative design

We worked closely with the Newcastle University communications team during the naming process, and felt that both 'Ageing' and 'Innovation' should be emphasised from the outset. Once this was decided, we approached the project with a clear idea of what we needed to gain; this was an immersive view through research, as well as an understanding of the target audiences and the nuances of ageing. It was decided that a photographic approach would neither differentiate the Centre nor remove the stigma effectively, so a more innovative design would be needed. Instead, we used illustration to replicate the life line, revealing the character behind every individual and the unique process that each of us undergo. Similarly, its scientific nature alongside the bold use of colour further serves to show the technological advancements that are at the very heart of the Centre. This resulted in a distinct identity, which brings ageing to the forefront of scientific, technological and social progression.

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NICA green background texture artwork
NICA brochure

Innovating for better, longer lives

"JUMP's approach was collaborative in the true sense and, more importantly, they went above and beyond what was required in a determined effort to help us achieve our vision."

Roy Sandbach, Director National Innovation Centre for Ageing

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