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How do you tell the story of the North using 100 objects?

Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums (TWAM) is a major museum, art galleries and archives service, managing collections of museums and galleries across Tyneside and Tyne & Wear. They were invited to take part in the Great Exhibition of the North, a summer-long celebration of the North East’s pioneering spirit and the country’s biggest event of 2018. JUMP won a regional tender to work on the project – ‘A History of the North in 100 Objects’ – working with TWAM to develop an engaging, inspiring and immersive website that tells the story and heritage of objects across the North.

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Telling stories in imaginative and powerful ways

JUMP wanted to create a truly immersive experience to reflect the richness of the region, offering playful, radical and new approaches to exploring the objects. To do this we held ‘user story’ workshops, considering the ways people view things and presenting options to discover them from timelines to places, themes and sizes in fun and interesting ways. We then considered accessibility from every perspective, giving users text descriptions, locally recorded audio clips, map views and links in order to truly pay homage to storytelling’s many forms. Finally, we enhanced the experience by allowing users to create their own exhibitions, encouraging people to exercise their own innovation, inventiveness and imagination.

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Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums being shown on an iMac

Inspiring an approach that translates to archives

Our intent was to construct a new method for showcasing contributions to the history of creativity and innovation in the North East. Inspired by the outcome of the project, TWAM asked us to further create a similar solution to display ‘A History of the North in 100 Archives’, providing a powerful way to present dated articles in a modern format. Overall, ‘A History of the North in 100 Objects’ and ‘A History of the North in 100 Archives’ signify the ambitions of the Great Exhibition of the North, telling the region’s stories in a creative and compelling way that engages its visitors.

Celebrating the North East’s pioneering spirit

"JUMP’s creative approach has helped us to launch this unique website that has caught the attention of both the general public and industry peers alike."

Sarah Younas, Digital Programmes Officer

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