Tyneside Cinema

Tyneside Cinema

How do you stay true to the last surviving news theatre whilst bringing it into a new era?

Tyneside Cinema opened its doors in 1937 and is the last surviving news theatre still operating as an independent cinema today. It welcomes almost 500,000 people into its building every year, offering a rich and diverse artistic programme with four auditoria, art exhibition space, workshop/meeting rooms and three onsite bar-cafes. JUMP was excited to design and develop a new website, which would not only need to cater for a wide range of people, but also act as a shop window for this much-loved, multi-functional social destination.

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Something for everyone

To begin, we conducted multiple stakeholder interviews, assessing each ‘type’ of person that would use the new website and what the facility would mean to them. We wanted to stay true to Tyneside Cinema and its devoted members, whilst also showing newcomers exactly what it has to offer. Given its commitment to the wider community, running a range of programmes from learning and participation groups to foreign meetups and dementia friendly screenings, we knew usability would be a main focus throughout. We therefore needed to produce something that was easy to use, up to date and responsive, acting as a one stop shop for every need.

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“More than just a cinema…”

We showed that Tyneside Cinema is a venue for film, exhibitions and events across film, artist film and film heritage, with the website standing to expose all of these things. Behind the scenes, it has a complex operating system that manages film rights, royalties and seat bookings, connecting everything together in a seamlessly integrated way. On screen however, it is a rich and diverse space for people of all ages and all walks of life, with a wide breadth of artistic offerings all in one place.

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Showcasing a venue for film, exhibitions and events

“JUMP has created a stunning website that truly represents our dynamic organisation as well as catering to a complex range of diverse audiences.”

Thomas Peutz, Chief Executive


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