The benefits of motion graphics design

By Kasey Murphy

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Motion graphics and animations are making their way into everyday life and they aren't just for designers! Every brand and company can use creative motion graphics within their digital marketing strategies or creative processes. 

Wherever there is a graphic within your company, it might be worth considering adding more visual effects and introducing motion graphics. 

The digital age of motion graphics

Animations and motion graphics - we see them everywhere! For example, GIFs are becoming a second keyboard for many users, behind the traditional qwerty keyboard and the use of emojis. Not to mention, video content is the main source of content consumed on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. The recent push of video reels on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are proving just how valuable video content can be!

It's quite obvious that considering motion pictures and video is the way to go when creating graphic design for your brand. 

But, not every brand has the ability to create videos, be authentic and be in touch with their brand guidelines. This is where motion graphics and animation design comes in. Graphic designers can create motion graphics based on your brand. 

Motion graphics work to help display content for your business in a creative and unique way. 

Motion graphics and your brand

Motion graphics are designs that are specifically made for your business. Motion designers work on using your brand elements to create graphics based on your goal for the content, and then adding movement. 

Motion graphics include using bold colours or movement styles across a still graphic, including your logo! Logo animation is a type of motion graphic that allows for your logo to stand out amongst competitors by physically moving! 

Motion graphics and animation can be used across any digital platform and for any purpose. Their main benefit is that they are versatile! If you have a graphic designer that can do motion graphics, then you have a motion graphic designer that can create content for your brand! 

Motion Graphics Design GIF

Using motion graphics to inform the world

One of the easiest ways to incorporate motion graphic design into your content strategy is to use motion graphics and animation to elaborate on an idea or process within your business. 

If your business has a complex process, a long list of services, or an unusual idea, graphic designers can create animated videos with your branding to express and elaborate these concepts. 

Motion graphics designers work with your brand, brand elements, and your concepts and ideas to implement motion graphics that will explain and entertain viewers. 

Using motion graphics to explain ideas will not only help build a strong portfolio for your brand, but also increase engagement and awareness.

Motion graphics within digital marketing

Motion graphic designers and marketing strategies work together perfectly. Motion design is a visual art that grabs and keeps the attention of viewers, which is one of the most important parts of a brand awareness strategy. 

Motion graphics can be used across marketing emails, social media content, landing pages, and through ad creative. Using a motion graphic across this content will allow for longer engagement and improved recognition, especially when branded. 

Video content - whether they are short motion graphics or longer animated videos - increases efficiency of viewers and the process of understanding information. In addition, motion graphics allow for a creative personality to be associated with your brand. 

Motion graphics designers are able to provide a creative vision for your motion graphics to deliver real results. 

BagsID JUMP client animation example

The motion graphic creative process

Whether working with clients or in-house, content creation should be focused on providing results and a benefit to the company. It is essential to consider different types of content that a designer could potentially create for your brand. 

Designers use their own creativity along with trends to create new graphics. These can include motion graphics! 

How the motion graphic creative process works is through identifying still images and the parts that can potentially move before adding motion to the graphic. This can be elaborated across longer videos and animations to create a long-form animated video with multiple moving parts. Or, motion graphic designers can keep it simpler and use smaller motion graphics as videos or GIFs. 

Motion graphics and animation design

We’ve mentioned both motion graphics and animation designs in this blog post, but it is important to identify the difference. 

Simply put, motion graphics are a type of animation. Motion graphics usually just have pieces of moving footage, where animations in general are any sort of movement within a graphic. But, animation is more well known as longer videos where something is constantly in motion. 

Do graphic designers make motion graphics? 

Some graphic designers might not be familiar with motion graphics and animations, whilst some like to focus on a specific type of graphic design - which might be motion or animation! 

Motion graphics designers or motion designers specialise in creating motion graphics with different elements. 

Create motion graphics with JUMP

JUMP has motion graphic designers who are ready to create motion graphics and animated designs for clients! 

Our graphic designers specialise in using brand elements and other pieces of art to create motion graphics and animations that get our clients noticed above their competitors. 

Interested in having a motion graphic designer work specifically for your brand to boost your content? Let's chat

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