Why your business needs a website refresh to get results

By Alana Whenary

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Your business' online website isn’t something that can stand still. Web design and development evolve very quickly. New and potential customers' online habits change frequently.

The website for your business needs to function as a marketing tool on its own. The website should be a tool that is generating leads, improves customer experience, and eventually increases sales. 

This is why it is important to have an effective website, where you are able to measure all of these interactions and how your website operates as a tool to promote your services. If you don’t measure the effectiveness of your website, you’ll reach a point where your conversions start to dwindle.

Investing in a new website is the first step towards getting serious about your digital marketing strategy, and ensuring the website functions as a tool to improve your business. 

In this blog, we explore the reasons why you might be lacking in website visitors, and how a well-designed and user-friendly website can help attract new customers, retain existing ones, and ultimately drive revenue.

Whether you are a large organisation or a small business, it's important you have a good, modern website for your business that gives your business instant credibility. Now, let's get into the top reasons why your business needs a website or why you need to update your current one!

Your business website isn't showing up in search engines

If the website for your business does not show up when consumers search for relevant terms, then there is no way that you will be able to be increasing sales through digital marketing. No matter how well-designed or if your website is considered a 'good website', consumers search for what they want, and decide based on the results. 

Your website should be able to show up when consumers ask simple questions about services that your company might offer. Your website should also show up when relevant terms, or keywords are searched for. In case you don't know the term already, we are talking about search engine optimisation - or SEO. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search engines like Google regularly update their algorithms to determine the ranking of websites. An outdated website may not meet current SEO best practices, leading to lower search engine rankings and reduced visibility. Keeping your website updated can help improve your SEO and increase your chances of appearing at the top of search engine results.

For many businesses, SEO is a top priority. Having your business website on the first page of a search engine results page against other companies and competitors is a massive opportunity and advantage to your business. 

When building a new website for your business, or updating your current website, it is important that SEO is looked at from a technical aspect, and introduces the opportunity for your business to be optimised.

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Your business website isn't modern

A business website is where most existing or potential customers or clients will get their first impression of you. If you find yourself disliking your current website, that probably means others dislike it too! 

An outdated website can reflect poorly on your business and damage your brand image. A modern, professional-looking website can help establish your brand and convey a sense of credibility and reliability to potential customers.

To have a successful website, it needs to be pleasing to the eye and draw in the user to explore more. This can be done in a professional way! Having a modern website for your company to feel proud of and use as a marketing tool is a great way to interact with future customers and stand out against competitors. 

Your business website needs to be engaging and have relevant, useful content that represents your brand and services well. If your site is starting to feel outdated, that’s most likely a sign your business needs a new website.

You've based your current business website on a pre-made template

Having limited web design knowledge or a lack of budget may make choosing a ready-made template or theme seem like a great idea, however, using a template website lacks the ability to have absolute design freedom and can make your website function poorly. 

Generally speaking, website templates tend to have many limitations with design elements as well as problems with other technical components such as bad functionality and SEO, or user experience in general. 

Having your business website made from scratch, and bespoke means you have a say in how it functions and what it looks like, which also means you can cater it to your brand!

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Your website isn't user-friendly for existing or potential customers

Having a website that functions properly is absolutely essential. You could have the best website design in the world, but if the user's experience isn’t great, your business will be impacted. 

For example, if your website has a slow loading speed, inconsistency across devices (such as mobile and PC) or unresponsive web design, Google’s algorithms may have an adverse effect on your website's search visibility which could, in turn, impact online lead generation and conversions. 

If you have any of these problems, it's probably time for a new business website. Setting up a business website has both a design and a technological development aspect to it. While it needs to look nice and attract consumers, it also needs to keep those consumers interested. 

Consumers can quickly become uninterested in a website if they have poor experiences, cannot find the information they are searching for, or the website cannot answer their questions about your services. 

A great website has a wealth of useful information that is easy to find. As part of a digital marketing plan, a website for your business should nurture and lead consumers through different parts of your website, showcasing varying services and selling points.

Your modern business website should build trust between the user and your company, as well as be a seamless experience for the consumer.

Your website isn't secure

Look at your business website address. Does it say HTTPS in the search bar at the top of your screen? 

If not, this means that your website may not be secure for the user. HTTPS encrypts the information that is sent between a web server and a browser using an SSL certificate. In less technical terms, it means that any information given by the user is protected from hackers. This is an absolute must to ensure your website is safe for the user and your company. 

With data protection and user privacy becoming a serious concern across consumers, the last thing your business needs is for your own website to be turning people away due to privacy concerns that could easily be fixed. 

Having a professional website means considering every problem that a consumer could potentially face, and being tech-savvy enough to fix these problems before they start.

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How will a website help my business?

The short answer is a modern website will help your business in a multitude of ways.

A web presence is key to attracting new customers and maintaining your company's credibility with existing customers. 

But, a modern web presence could use SEO practices, customer testimonials, and professionally designed aspects to really attract a consumer's attention. In our current digital era, having a modern and up-to-date website will improve user experience across your website and when interacting with your business. 

Many business owners may think an Instagram or Facebook page is enough to attract new customers, but social media networks work best when paired with a high-quality website. Whilst social media platforms are great, they can also be very limiting, they are just one piece of the marketing puzzle for your business. 

Having an online presence allows a larger audience to connect to your website, and in this digital age, you need a website that not only provides useful information, but is a professional website that enhances your credibility to potential customers.

Do you need a new professional business website?

There are many other reasons why your business may need a new professional website. Not having the right website negatively impacts your business’ success. At JUMP, we pride ourselves on having a proven User Experience (UX) method for our web design. 

We are focused on design and technical development - the two pieces that ensure your business website is the absolute best it can be. 

We consistently deliver a digital solution that enhances your customers' experience and connects your website as a digital marketing tool aligned to your overall business goals. 

In addition, using us as an agency for your new website takes the stress out of having away from you. If you would like to find out more about how we can make a basic website better, please get in touch with your contact details.

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