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A photo of Chris Heanan researching in the JUMP office

Meet The Team:
Chris Heanan, Web Developer

Following the introduction of our ‘Meet the team’ page comes our mini blog series. Each week, hear personally from our team members about their roles at JUMP and more. This week, meet Chris…

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi, my name is Chris. I live with my wife Sarah and enjoy Sudoku, gardening, jogging and just generally staying active. I have been a professional developer for over 4 years now and before this was a teacher at a primary school.

Summarise your role at JUMP

I am a developer and I build websites...

What got you into web development?

I have always enjoyed building things, programming, and making processes generally more efficient.

Describe the project you've worked on that you're proudest of. What did you do that worked out particularly well?

A recent project that I worked on was the booking system for a local company, The People’s Theatre. I particularly enjoyed the project as the size and complexity of the system made it a challenge, meaning I had to make it friendly and efficient for the client to use.

What do you hope to achieve at JUMP?

I hope to keep learning about new and upcoming technologies and build plenty of websites that will benefit businesses whilst expanding both as a person and a developer as well as a team.

What do you like most about web development/being a web developer?

There is just something that I love about starting with a blank page and producing the design layout exactly to the designer’s specifications with the desired functionality. Sometimes it is challenging, but I enjoy working around obstacles, and feel even more of a sense of accomplishment when I get to the finished product.

Finally, what advice would you give to any junior developers starting out?

Bail! Only joking. As a developer, you have to constantly learn new things and keep up with the pace of the internet. It’s a great career, but you have to be a person who likes to keep learning. So don’t expect to be using the same languages and techniques you are learning at the start of your career by the time you get to the end of it!

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