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By Gemma Turnbull

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Meet the team: 
Gemma Turnbull, Designer 

Tell us a bit about yourself

Some of my favourite things in life are coffee, ceramics, film photography, and climbing. I’ve also got a massive sweet tooth so can usually be found scouring the North East for cake and pastry joints.

Summarise your role at JUMP

As a designer, my role is to come up with creative solutions to solve problems whether thats through brand design, web design or other graphic assets. This means undergoing lots of research, brainstorming, and concept creation in an effort to come up with the perfect solution.

What got you into web graphic design?

I studied Visual Communication and Design when I was doing my A-Level equivalents in Australia and I straight away knew that’s what I wanted my career to be. I moved back to the UK, did a degree in graphic design at Newcastle College and my passion has only intensified onwards

Describe the project you've worked on that you're proudest of. What did you do that worked out particularly well?

As I’ve recently joined JUMP, I’ve only had a taste of the type of projects I’ve got to look forward to working on but I’m already really enjoying the diverse range of clients and can’t wait to delve into more.

What do you hope to achieve at JUMP?

I hope to keep learning as much as possible from the team and projects I work on. I hope to challenge myself with creative thinking and create well thought out design solutions.

What do you like most about graphic and web design?

I love seeing a design grow from concept to reality and then making an impact on the final user. Also, the technology and capability of design is always expanding and improving which is really exciting.

Finally, what advice would you give to any junior designers starting out?

Never stop seeking to learn new things and practice, practice, practice.

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