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Meet the Team:
Paul Routledge, Web Developer

Following the introduction of our ‘Meet the team’ page comes our mini blog series. Each week, hear personally from our team members about their roles at JUMP and more.


Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a fuzzy-faced 28-year-old nerd, originally from the small town of Chester-le-Street in England. Currently residing in Newcastle, I am working to make the world a less serious place with an onslaught of poor jokes and positivity. I’m mainly fuelled by video games, BrewDog, meat and coffee… lots and lots of coffee.

Summarise your role at JUMP.

I’m currently a web developer working within our development team (funny that). For the most part, I work on building responsive web products for a wide range of clients, looking to do the best that I can to bring the designs that we get to life online.

What got you into web development?

Towards the end of school, it became clear in my mind that I wanted a job in “something IT”. After developing a (truth be told shoddy) website for a band I was in around that time, I became even surer that this was the route I wanted to take in life.

Describe the project you've worked on that you're proudest of. What did you do that worked out particularly well?

The project I am proudest of is the work we have done on the People’s Theatre website. I don’t live too far from the theatre itself and I always loved the posters that the design team produced for them, so when the idea of rebuilding the site came up, I was thrilled to be able to be a part of it. It is one of the most visually impressive sites I’ve worked on and I learnt so much during that time. The idea of rebuilding their booking system was new to me and a daunting task, but one that I feel we managed to achieve very successfully in the end.

What do you hope to achieve at JUMP?

The past three years have been an incredible experience for me and I would love to be able to continue to grow as a developer, keep testing myself and to continue to work on exciting new projects well into the future. It is my hope that every project I work on is better than the one that came before it.

What do you like most about web development/being a web developer?

I like that you rarely have two days the same. When your industry moves as rapidly as this one you can’t afford to rest on your laurels and approach the same problem in the same way twice. This means we are constantly discovering and constantly learning and it’s a very exciting thing to be a part of.

Finally, what advice would you give to any junior developers starting out?

My main advice would be to appreciate that when you get your qualifications, you have to be prepared to continue to learn from your first day of work all the way through to the day you collect your pension. As I just mentioned, the industry moves so quickly that you need to be evolving all the time and applying new knowledge to problems at every stage of your career.

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