Motion graphics and animation design

Design is always changing and evolving, nonetheless, graphics are one of the best ways to engage an audience. Motion graphics and animation design are the most engaging and creative designs being used right now. Motion graphics help brands come to life, literally.

Static images, logos, and designs can only do so much, but having an animated version of your brand designs helps businesses stand out from their competitors. That's why we've started to integrate animation and motion graphics into our client's work. 

Our designers are experienced motion graphic designers, creating animations for clients to use to liven up their brand. These motion graphics can be used for social media videos, digital marketing content, product launches and more!

Increase your brand awareness through engaging animated videos that stand out amongst competitors.

Use motion graphic design to create animated marketing videos that can explain more about your business. Through engaging content like these, your marketing materials will hold the attention of all viewers, even those who usually just skim!

Videos are the type of content that viewers engage in most. In the era of Tiktok, Reels, and Youtube - video needs to be a part of your brand. Stylish animated marketing videos are the best way to promote and explain more about your business, whilst staying on-brand.

We are passionate about providing opportunities for creating bespoke content that can be used across your business, including animated marketing videos. You can have your own set of unique, engaging animated videos and motion graphics that are perfect for your brand when you work with JUMP.

Grab the attention of viewers for longer with on-brand motion graphics and videos.

Take a branded photo and simply turn it into a motion graphic design, like a GIF that initiates a double-take effect, making viewers want to see what is in front of them.

Motion graphics and animated design videos are able to be used across social media, websites, and within emails. And, they are the most engaged with type of content across all of these platforms! They help elevate your brand and give a boost of credibility to your business, showcasing modern content. 

We create video animation design options for businesses that want to increase the effects of their digital marketing efforts and really be ambitious in their communication.

Motion graphics versus animated design

We create motion graphics and animated design videos for our clients, but there is a slight difference in the two! 

Motion graphics include graphic designs that have moving parts and imagery that stands out and emphasises and illuminates different elements.

Animation design is a larger term used to describe any sort of design that has moving elements, but this also includes large form videos, and the combination of different moving parts into one large design.

Take an ordinary concept, and make it extraordinary through beautiful motion designs.

Combining designs, creating our own animation designs, and using motion graphics in videos make concepts and ideas more interactive and fluid in any channel.

Modernise your data representation and organisation, join the video age of absorbing content.

Businesses that might not be very aesthetic or visual-friendly can still engage in design and content trends like motion graphics and animated videos! Using motion graphics and animation design is a great way to bring visually appealing content to your target audience.

We want to take businesses to the next level when it comes to expressing their brand and marketing their business. Let us help you do that through our animations and motion graphic design. 

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