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Embodying family values with engaging web design

Prima Cheese, a well-established global cheese producer based in the northeast, approached JUMP to enhance their website and establish an engaging online presence. Renowned for their warm and family-centric values, they sought our expertise in creating a visually compelling platform which encaptured their family-orientated values whilst considering the user at all stages of the process.

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Vibrant colours to compliment one-of-a-kind visuals

Our design team worked to enhance Prima’s existing colour selection, expanding it into a fresher and more versatile palette. This updated range of colours perfectly embodies their welcoming and energetic personality. 

Additionally, we developed a collection of custom illustrations that align with their dynamic values. These illustrations were brought to life through animation, infusing the website with more energy and motion.

Since we offered a wide range of colour choices and animations, our development team worked on allowing the backend user to have greater control over the appearance of the website, by creating coded colour sections that can be added at any time.. This ensured that the site remained on-brand while providing the client with the freedom to customise colours and animations to their liking when updating content.

Built-in ability for website content flexibility

To efficiently handle the client's diverse product range in the admin area, we developed a versatile Product Management plugin which can be categorised by specific product grades. This plugin allows the client to easily add new products and formats as they are developed. Furthermore, the plugin provides valuable suggestions on optimal product usage and identifies the most suitable uses for each product.

By incorporating an Insights Plugin with customisable categories for posts, the client's website goes beyond the typical company news or blog page. In addition to sharing news about the company, they can also feature recipes that showcase the versatility of their product range. The flexibility of category management allows for endless possibilities and growth in this section, surpassing the limitations of a standard news or blog area found on most business websites.

Creating a compelling and user-focused website

During the design phase, JUMP placed a strong emphasis on considering the user experience at all stages. The end goal was to make the website as user-friendly as possible, ensuring a seamless journey for all visitors. To achieve this, our team incorporated additional content in pop-ups and expanded sections, providing users with easy access to relevant information.

To effectively showcase the client's products, we created a dedicated products page. This page included comprehensive information about different brands, grade types, and product offerings. Additionally, we developed a brand builder feature that assists users in finding suitable products based on their responses to a set of questions. Our aim was to simplify the product selection process and make it as intuitive as possible for the users.

Showcasing a family legacy through storytelling

Throughout the website design, JUMP emphasised Prima’s journey, recognising their family roots to be a core attribute to the success of the business. To bring this aspect to the forefront, we introduced a dedicated page that showcases the captivating story of the Beni family. This page features a visually engaging timeline filled with imagery and illustrations, making it easy for visitors to follow and appreciate the journey of the Beni family.

Communicating values through vibrant, user-focused web design

"We approached JUMP with a vision, seeking a website that would truly embody our company’s values. They listened, understood and executed our vision perfectly."

Nagma Ebanks-Beni, Co-CEO

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