Reinventing the recruitment system

JOBBA’s mission is to eliminate unnecessary processes and costs within the recruitment sector and offer a bespoke recruitment ecosystem.

The system enables employers to connect directly with recruiters, bypassing agency fees and encouraging personal working relationships. Recruiters have the freedom to operate independently without being tied to an agency, and the platform eliminates the need for an agency as a middleman, allowing for direct collaboration between employers, employees and recruiters.

JUMP was tasked by JOBBA to revamp their logo, branding, and website. The objective was to establish a distinctive brand that is recognisable in a very crowded market. The website design needed to match the uniqueness of the brand concept. And, the technical elements of the website also needed to bring a sense of control, allowing employers and recruiters to feel comfortable converting to be a member of the JOBBA network. 

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A tailored service for employers and recruiters

Utilising a widespread network of the UK's best technology headhunters, JOBBA stands out as a revolutionary platform in the recruitment industry.

JOBBA grants high-level control to both employers and recruiters. Both wield control over their expenses and oversee the entire hiring process from start to finish.

The website was structured clearly into two distinct primary pages tailored towards two audiences: employers and recruiters. This division ensures a seamless and efficient user experience, allowing each audience to navigate directly to the resources and tools most relevant to them.

JUMP’s strategic decision to differentiate between the two target audiences was pivotal. By doing so, JOBBA’s website aims to maximise the effectiveness of its services, providing a tailored and impactful experience for both employers and recruiters. 

A dynamic brand evolution

Upon partnering with JUMP, JOBBA presented pre-existing branding that then underwent refinement. JUMP specifically modified its logo, including its 'J', with an added drop shadow.

The objective was to infuse the branding with vibrancy and dynamism, aligning with JOBBA's primary aim of disrupting the market. Creating a lasting impact was key to achieving JOBBA's overarching goals.

The brand uses minimal colour to achieve a striking yet straightforward effect, aimed at maximising visual impact. The site can be viewed in two ways with contrasting rich blue and teal as the main feature and accent colours. 

Emphasis was placed on boldness, utilising heavy-weight text and ensuring that the colours were vibrant and attention-grabbing while maintaining a sense of simplicity. 

This careful balance aimed to create a memorable and powerful visual identity for JOBBA.

Breathing visual life into an online presence

Animation played an important role throughout this project, as it brought vibrancy and dynamism to the platform, elevating its visual appeal.

The decision to heavily leverage animation was rooted in the aspiration to embody JOBBA's energy and passion. The animations were meticulously crafted with a minimalistic colour palette. The intent was to ensure that they were impactful through their simplicity, conveying a sense of sophistication while maintaining high levels of engagement.

By strategically using animations, JUMP successfully transformed static elements into lively and captivating features on the JOBBA website.

Optimising with animation integration

This project's scope expanded beyond visual improvements, refining the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to ensure a seamless design. The bespoke animations weren't only aesthetic additions; they were strategic elements that extended JOBBA’s design by enhancing the touch points of the website.

To incorporate the animations, JUMP utilised LottieFiles - a specialised After Effects plugin. The integration of LottieFiles allowed JOBBA to achieve a blend of creativity and functionality as it allowed for bespoke, high-quality animations that struck a balance between visual brilliance and operational efficiency.

JUMP knows that a business's online presence demands ongoing dedication. The meticulous approach to design and development is vital for upholding a thriving online presence. Adhering to these principles guarantees that websites are an invaluable tool, captivating users, boosting traffic, and advancing business goals.

Crafting a simple website management system

The entire JOBBA website was constructed by JUMP from the ground up, ensuring a tailored approach. To facilitate the management of the two-colour theme alteration, a system was implemented within the CMS, allowing administrators to control and inherit these changes seamlessly.

JOBBA website’s files were also integrated into a customisable Content Management System (CMS), granting the backend user control over their customisation.

Furthermore, within the static control panel, substantial static data could be extracted and organised into multiple backend plugins, significantly enhancing the overall backend experience for smoother operations and accessibility.

The website was created prioritising simplicity and autonomy, ensuring swift and effortless modifications to the backend.

Taking the saturated recruitment industry by storm

"Working with JUMP has been nothing short of brilliant, the whole team delivered exactly what we wanted and was so easy to work with. The website looks amazing and has gotten great feedback!"

Andrew Philipson, Founder of JOBBA

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