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A home away from home

St Martins Care provide care and support to older people with complex health needs. With a range of care homes in the region, their focus is on getting to know residents as individuals and providing an environment with excellent facilities and activities.

JUMP was appointed to design and develop a website that reflected this high standard of people-centric care, allowing them to stand out against other homes in the region. The website needed to instil confidence in both residents and families, as well as attract those looking for a career in care.

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A site of two sides

As with all JUMP websites, the St Martin’s Care platform was purpose built to accommodate two main functions; care home availability and career opportunities. We wanted to make the two sections different yet seamless. To achieve this we kept the same layout, however, changed the colour theme to make the different sections stand out.

For prospective clients the website provides the ability to download brochures and see a range of different facilities that the care home offers. In addition we wanted to make sure people who were interested in a job in this sector had somewhere reliable to search and have the ability to upload their CVs and apply for a range of roles.

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A refreshed personality

JUMP introduced new fonts and a wider colour palette of autumnal tones that gave St Martins Care a refreshed appearance. The use of small illustrative touches and personal photography added warmth to the design, whilst clear headings and coloured panels created a bespoke site that was on-brand and flexible for different content needs.

Messaging was also an important factor for St Martins Care with focus on reflecting their community of care. Testimonials and review widgets were incorporated to showcase real experiences and new photography of locations and staff meant people could familiarise themselves with St Martins Care before visiting, adding to the sense of confidence and familiarity.

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Valuing care throughout the North East

"JUMP really understood our ethos and created a website that helped distinguish us within the care sector. We’re really happy with the design and look forward to creating more in the new brand style."

Keith Milton, Group Chief Executive Officer

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