David Summerfield

Refining the brand

David Summerfield is a family-run jewellers, established in 1914. For over 100 years, they have played an important role in many people’s lives from weddings and engagements to christenings and birthdays.

When JUMP was commissioned to design and develop a new website for David Summerfield, we began the project by refining their brand. Initially, there was one logo which appeared on their website and another which appeared in print, on their jewellery boxes. David Summerfield’s aim is to make sure each client is promised something special and exclusively tailored to their individual requests, so we wanted the brand to align with this.

We decided to use the logo used in print as it had a lot of character and felt well-established. We began by dropping the supporting text, then replaced the diamonds with dots so it was suitable for digital use on smaller screens. We then focussed on the typography, adjusting the weight and kerning.

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Form and function

While the site’s key purpose is e-commerce, it was important that the site not only sold products but functioned well. This meant that the main priority was a clear structure and easy navigation so customers were able to find what they need. Improved UX flow meant that the process was streamlined through to checkout. 

The David Summerfield site includes more than 10,000 products so JUMP needed to identify clearly what brands they sell and which are their most important brands. Along with a large product catalogue, there are also multiple offers at different times of the year so the design needed to accommodate this.

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A feature-rich system

David Summerfield marks the first site built with our own brand new retail and e-commerce plugins.

The retail plugin provides a feature-rich system for managing products, product variants, product categories and manufacturers. Building upon lessons-learned from our previous e-commerce projects, this plugin provides the most common functionality any online shop may need. We can also extend it per-project by adding custom functionality, as we have done with David Summerfield by adding gift and engraving options for products.

The e-commerce plugin provides basket, order, customer and discount functionality to give us a great foundation to start on any e-commerce website. As with the retail plugin, we can extend e-commerce on a per-project basis to add functionality. In the case of David Summerfield this meant adding new discount types and extending orders to handle the new gift and engraving options.

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A bespoke development feature

The reusability of the e-commerce and retail plugins does not mean we sacrifice the bespoke development nature that JUMP is famous for.

One such bespoke feature was dealing with the ability for customers to collect their online items from one of David Summerfield’s three physical stores across the region. Working closely with David Summerfield we were able to add this great new feature to both help out their customers and their staff.

Another bespoke development feature was providing integration with David Summerfield’s in-store electronic point-of-sale (EPOS) system. The website can handle modifying stock levels whenever an item is sold from any of their three physical store locations. It also provides exports of online transactions back into the EPOS system so David Summerfield can have up to date stock management data.

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The first choice for discerning customers since 1914

"As a family-run business, it was important to us that our new website was in keeping with our high street presence. JUMP have been brilliant at every step of the project and have become an extension of our team always on hand to help if needed."

Faye Smith, Director

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