About us

At JUMP, we 
love Mondays

We think we’re a good group of people, we have common sense and we tell it how it is. You won’t get the hard-sell or the wool pulled over your eyes with us. We value our working relationships and want to learn as much about your business as we can.

We understand that the climate is competitive and the pace of modern business is fast. Why wouldn’t you want to work with like-minded people that take their jobs (but not themselves) seriously?

Rob and Lucy jumping in the JUMP office

Lucy Batley
Co-founder & Creative Director

Lucy has over 25 years’ experience as a graphic designer and specialist in brand communications. After winning Best Young Designer at the prestigious Editorial Awards in 1996, she spent five years in Milan, working for clients including Audi, Fila and Max Mara. In 2007, Lucy formed JUMP alongside Rob, and has since directed design and brand projects as well as developing brand strategies for multi-million pound organisations. Always to be found in her trademark black, Lucy is active in the North East design and digital community, sitting on boards and strategic organisations.

Rob Brown
Co-founder & Technical Director

Rob has over 30 years’ industry experience in software and database development and was one of the first UK Microsoft Authorised Trainers. In 1995, he established his own business specialising in the design and development of software, database and online solutions. At JUMP, he is responsible for the development and management of the online solutions division. Passionate about the constantly evolving landscape of the tech industry, Rob brings this to bear on his approach to JUMP’s digital offer.

Why wouldn’t you
want to work with
like-minded people?
We do.

Design team jumping in the air at the JUMP office

We’re all really different, but 
that’s what makes 
us a good team

Design Team

Head of Design Andy brings his wealth of experience to ensure the team have the right environment for creativity to flourish, as well as managing the smooth-running of design projects. Fellow senior team member and Lead User Experience (UX) Designer Danielle works with designers and developers to ensure the end user is at the heart of JUMP’s digital products.

In the design team, with passions ranging from embroidery to drag-queen illustration to motorbikes, the team come to each project with a unique perspective, and collaborate together to create brand, design and digital designs that are thoughtful and effective.

Get an insight into our minds by viewing one of our Creative Challenge projects.

Our people want to
create something
great for you. That’s
why we hire them.

We’re excited by 
the pace of the 
digital industry

Development Team

Though the music choices in the development studio may not be everyone’s cup of tea, their passion for their work is beyond question.

Senior team member Kris project manages the busy development schedule and works hard to deliver great customer service as well as great digital products. Lead Developer Ben’s passion for tech means that new technologies and approaches are always being considered to move things forward and keep ahead of the curve. 

Within the team, individuals’ interests in accessibility, SEO and User Experience means they encourage each other to think beyond the code, developing with real users in mind.

Development team jumping in the air at the JUMP office

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