Marlish Water

How do you create a drinks brand that stands out in a highly competitive market?

Marlish Water is an independent brand located in Northumberland that distributes still and sparkling spring water and mixers. JUMP was commissioned to create a new brand family, which would include their water with natural flavourings and champagne-like bubbles. 

To make the brand stand out we focused on the distinctive aspects of the company and the water: The 150-year process through rock and mineral strata in its exact location, alongside the individually added, all-natural ingredients, is what gives it a unique taste and exceptional quality. So it was our mission to make sure the visual language told their story and what the unique characteristics of their water are.

Marlish website screen grab

What makes Marlish so unique?

Marlish is the first water company to can water at source in the UK. The company cares about the environment and has taken a bold move into the highly competitive canned drinks market. The canned range adds to the unique characteristics that form the brand architecture and guide all
brand messages both in social media and
marketing campaigns.

Reknowned fish bar Riley’s Fish Shack commented on Instagram: 

“FINALLY!!! We have a local canned still spring water! We’ve been struggling for years trying to find a British, low carbon canned water to battle the plastic pollution issue.”

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Marlish prototype

A flexible design that works across different products

Marlish is a company that continues to evolve, so the brand and design needs to be able to expand with them. We started with a small range of water and mixers, and as the range expanded the colour system we had established meant it was easy to adapt the designs. With the recent addition of the cans range, we had to adapt the designs to a completely new format to enable Marlish to continue to flourish.

Marlish illustration

Since the rebrand, sales from September 2017 to September 2019 have increased by just over 96%

"From the initial meeting, we knew that JUMP ‘got us’, understood the marketplace and shared our strategic vision. They continue to be the perfect extension of our team."

Joseph Evans, Managing Director 
Marlish Water

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