Marlish Water

Marlish Water

How do you introduce a range of tonics and mixers into a highly competitive market?

Marlish Water is an independent brand located in Northumberland that distributes still and sparkling water to high-end establishments. Following a regional tender, JUMP was commissioned to create a new brand family for their launch of tonics and mixers, which would combine their water with natural dry flavourings and champagne-like bubbles.

Two Marlish Water bottles side by side

What makes Marlish one of a kind?

We knew that we had to find out what makes Marlish different from the competitors, and after a trip to the natural spring, it became clear this was not just another tonic or mixer. The 150-year process through unique rock and mineral strata in its exact location, alongside the individually added, all-natural ingredients, is what gives it a distinctive taste and exceptional quality.

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Four flavoured Marlish Water bottles

Products of provenance

To showcase this unique selling point, we created hand-drawn illustrations of the prehistoric carboniferous rock. This marks Marlish geographically, offering a simplistic yet striking look that is well-suited to its target audience. We then used a tasteful palette of colour-coded backgrounds to differentiate the flavours as well as to make them stand out on any shelf. This is now being rolled out to the existing waters as well as a new and exclusive range of flavoured waters.

Two sparkling Marlish Water bottles

What we did

Brand strategy
Graphic design
Packaging Design
Visual language

100% positive feedback from major retailers

“From the initial meeting, we knew that JUMP ‘got us’, understood the marketplace and shared our strategic vision. They continue to be the perfect extension of our team.”

Joseph Evans, Managing Director
Marlish Water


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