Brand design

Our experienced designers are passionate about creating design solutions which achieve your business goals.

Whether it’s an entire brand identity or branded marketing collateral, we believe that design is the method by which brands tell their story, and we’re committed to ensuring that every piece of work we do supports a wider brand strategy. 

Your identity is everything that your customers see, hear or think about your organisation

Brand Identity

Our brand identity development aims to create a visual identity that performs well both online and offline, across a range of different mediums.

Your identity comprises of everything that your customers see, hear or think about your organisation or product. With our expertise, we can help you reflect the essence of your brand personality coherently and consistently through whichever visual devices you choose to use.

We base our work on an understanding of your brand strategy and the ways your brand is most likely to be communicated, whilst also ensuring that your identity is flexible enough to evolve and grow with your business over time. 

Good design allows you to communicate, simplify, stylise and problem solve

Graphic design

Our extensive design expertise allows us to bring your brand strategy to life through the use of type, space and image. 

We undergo a detailed scoping phase and idea development process to fully understand your requirements and develop a finished product that will inform, inspire and captivate.

We’re passionate about ensuring that our graphic design integrates with your overall brand strategy and visual identity, to ensure that the work we do fits cohesively with your other brand and marketing activity. 


We will produce impactful photography that communicates your brand’s story and personality. We have a keen eye for shots that inspire your users whilst delivering a consistent brand experience and clear visual identity. 

Working from your core brand strategy, we’re able to provide art direction to oversee photoshoots and ensure your brand is captured effectively, and follow this up with post-production and editing to ensure a high quality finish. We’re also able to source high quality stock photography that’s a perfect fit for your brand, to supplement your own images where required.


Illustration is an increasingly popular choice for explaining complex concepts simply, particularly on small screens. At a larger scale, illustration can also communicate your brand’s character and messaging in a unique way that inspires and delights your audience. 

We can create illustrated content, icons and animations designed to blend seamlessly with your brand’s visual identity. All our work is closely linked to your wider brand strategy, to ensure that the finished piece makes a perfect impression.


While visual identity can have a profound effect on your audience’s perception of your brand, we believe that words also carry weight. Our copywriting expertise integrates seamlessly with strategy and design to ensure your brand’s substance is as strong as its style. 

We support your brand by developing a consistent and distinctive tone of voice that reflects your values and communicates your story effectively, and which is capable of flexing to suit different situations and applications. 

Once your tone of voice is established, we support you with producing inspiring, insightful content that will hit the right note with your audience and provide the backbone of your PR, social, blog or website activity.

Brand Communications

We can help you communicate your brand strategy and visual identity through a wide range of marketing materials and collateral. From stationery and promotional materials right through to large-format print, we can apply your brand’s visual identity to deliver a consistent message and experience whatever the format.

We can also advise on the communications approaches which can help you reach your audience most effectively, from large-format advertising and print to digital marketing. By developing advertising plans tailored to your brand strategy, we can help you ensure you’re in the right place at the right time. 

Our creative approach also reaches beyond standard brand communications. As committed problem solvers, we can apply our unique approach to a wide range of challenges, providing original, sometimes unconventional solutions to your branding and marketing challenges. 

We can apply our unique approach to your challenges, providing original, sometimes unconventional solutions

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