How do you create a brand to represent mental 

Kiku is a directory of UK therapists where users can browse therapist profiles and book online appointments in a calm and clutter-free environment. Therapists can manage their businesses online - taking bookings, managing diaries and promoting their services. In essence it is a platform to facilitate a service for users who look for mental harmony in their lives. JUMP developed the name ‘Kiku’ for the platform, which is Japanese for ‘listen’. The brand was inspired by nature and the rounded shape of river pebbles which are often used in Japanese culture to represent balance. 

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A website that connects with its audience’s mental health

Understanding target audience is always integral to any web design process at JUMP, but for this particular project, understanding their state of mind was crucial. The first step was to translate the peacefulness that the brand emanated across the website design. Then we needed to achieve an easy and unambiguous user experience, vital for a user base with potentially elevated levels of stress. Setting up very clear steps and stripping away anything that wasn’t needed in the process resulted in a simple but effective design. We were also mindful that choosing a therapist is about personal connection, not just the facts of location, price and type of therapy offered.

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A bespoke online management system

The ability for therapists to run their businesses through the site required bespoke development based on Kiku’s users' specific needs. The system allows for customer database management, online booking and diary management as well as automated response emails and the ability to offer automated text message reminders to therapists’ customers. The therapists can also build their own profiles with customisable themes, videos and images as well as key information about their approach to therapy and their availability. The system is designed to allow for continuous growth and development in response to the future needs of therapists and their customers. 

Taking counselling to the next level

"What JUMP have helped us to create is a system that’s completely unique to our needs, it’s been a collaborative process and they have really understood what we are trying to achieve."

Dr Rhian Lewis, CEO

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