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It all starts with a conversation

At the beginning of 2023, If U Care Share approached JUMP to aid them in their annual Inside Out campaign that occurs every September.

Inside Out encourages people to wear their clothes inside out to spark a conversation around mental health and motivate people to talk about how they are feeling. The campaign runs throughout September with a specific focus on Suicide Prevention Day, which falls on the 10th of the month.

Having previously created If U Care Share’s brand and website, JUMP were thrilled to collaborate on such an important campaign.

What is Inside Out?

Refreshing a well-established brand  

Initially, JUMP suggested an update to the brand. JUMP wanted to create a bold visual identity to complement the significance of the campaign whilst also staying true to the charity's roots and values.

Through the use of a shared black and green colour palette, JUMP cemented the connection between the campaign and the charity. Designed to represent two people having a conversation, the two-facing ‘i’ letters create a subtle visual identity.

By incorporating handwritten messages and hand-drawn accents throughout the brand application, JUMP added a human touch to the branding, evoking a deeper connection with the audience.

Getting what's on the Inside, Out

To start from a strategic perspective, JUMP identified the main goals for the campaign. The first was to gain organic reach through various stunts and marketing collateral. This ensured the campaign would be seen by as many people as possible across different channels. Secondly, JUMP wanted to connect with local businesses and influencers to increase authentic connections across different audiences. Thirdly, JUMP wanted to encourage organic sharing and user-generated content. To do this, the design and messages needed to be unique, creative, and memorable.

Throughout the campaign, JUMP outsourced PR specialist Dee Macdonald who helped promote the campaign through her various connections around the northeast. Including a very generous gift of Clear Channel billboards for the charity to use across the region. Dee’s expertise and connections paved the way for JUMP and If U Care Share to collaborate with a range of influencers and businesses, ensuring essential coverage throughout the marketing campaign. 

A large-scale campaign with a Geordie touch

The hashtag #AskMeWhy has been associated with the Inside Out campaign for some time, so JUMP wanted to ensure this was a key component in the marketing strategy for 2023. The hashtag was used consistently throughout the campaign as a means of encouraging people to open up and ask how others are feeling.

JUMP employed guerrilla marketing tactics, involving the widespread distribution of stickers throughout the northeast as a means to promote the campaign's message. In addition, a series of posters were designed to initiate discussions, while remaining true to the charity's north-east heritage. 

Influenced by local Geordie slang, messages such as 'Have a chat with the lasses' and 'Scran and a catch-up?' were formed to create a sense of familiarity and trust with the audience. These posters were positioned in various northeast bars and restaurants throughout September to coincide with the other campaign stunts.

Encouraging people to join the conversation 

JUMP also created social media assets for the campaign which consisted of a range of animations and graphic design elements. These were incorporated across If U Care Share’s social media channels in the build-up to and throughout the campaign. 

Several digital ads designed by JUMP were displayed on large Clear Channel billboards around the northeast, carrying a range of powerful, thought-provoking messages designed to promote active conversation. 

Tapping into a pre-existing partnership between the If U Care Share and Blueline Taxis, JUMP created an animation which was displayed on in-car screens within Blueline's fleet. With an average journey time of 12 minutes, these ads were a great opportunity to encourage conversation between travelling passengers.

Using influence to expand reach

For the smaller campaign stunts, JUMP incorporated a range of different concepts across September. These concepts actively promoted the campaign to a range of audiences and encouraged organic reach. 

Bespoke stickers were placed across various locations in Newcastle and Durham including public places, restaurants and coffee shops. Some of these stickers included a unique QR code which directed the user to the Inside Out landing page as well as some featuring hand-written messages to encourage organic sharing. 

Part of the Inside Out campaign strategy included influencer marketing. JUMP and If U Care Share were in contact with several talent managers and influencers to produce user-generated content throughout September.

Established talent agency Athlete Media engaged 13 of their athletes in the campaign through video format, sharing this on their website and social media. Some of these athletes shared their personal stories related to the topic, while others provided advice and statistics surrounding mental health.

Going beyond conventional campaigning

In the early research stage of the campaign, the charity made JUMP aware that on average, 6 people in the north-east take their own lives each week. To portray this statistic, 6 mannequins were spray-painted in the brand's colour green and dressed in inside-out clothing. They were also equipped with signs showcasing the '6 people' statistic, along with the campaign hashtag #AskMeWhy, and a message that read ‘spark up a conversation about mental health today’.

Over two separate weeks, the mannequins were placed at Newcastle Quayside and Grey’s Monument, where the city’s footfall is huge. This stunt gained fantastic coverage with people stopping to look, take photos and ask JUMP questions. The stunt was accompanied by a TV interview with the charity Co-Founder Matthew Smith, with thanks to Tyne and Wear TV and Newcastle World.

Watch the video here

Aiming for a PB?

Having initially highlighted that National Suicide Prevention Day coincided with the Great North Run, JUMP saw this as a great opportunity to encourage conversation. With over 60,000 runners, thousands of spectators, and over 2.5 million TV viewers, it was identified as a great platform for the campaign.

JUMP and Smart Outdoors arranged the display of 4 billboards along the route. For this, unique billboard designs were created with specific messaging centred around the Great North Run. 

On the day of the Great North Run, an extra-large T-shirt designed by JUMP was displayed at a key mile marker on the route, enabling the charity’s message to be seen by the runners and a wide range of spectators from all over the world. The T-shirt was also displayed at various sporting events across September such as Middlesborough FC and Hartlepool United’s home games

A bespoke running vest was designed by JUMP, featuring a handwritten #AskMeWhy hashtag from each of the runners. With over 200 runners taking part on behalf of the charity, this was a fantastic way to raise awareness.

An impact beyond the finish line

The impact was clear, in total JUMP achieved over 2,365,000 impressions across all of our marketing activities.

The campaign also resulted in increased traffic to the If U Care Share website; with users increasing by 25.7% and organic search results increasing by 21%. JUMP and If U Care Share also saw an increase in traffic to the Inside Out landing page on the website by 408.9%.

One of the main aims of the campaign was to increase organic sharing; this was evident when looking at If U Care Share’s social media analytics across the duration of the campaign. In total, we achieved an 82% increase in impressions with 76% of these impressions coming from non-followers.

JUMP and If U Care Share were also able to connect with 36 businesses and 39 influencers, achieving the campaign goals whilst developing lasting relationships.

Inside Out is a finalist for the Not For Profit Campaign of the Year award in the 2023 North East Marketing Awards.

A local marketing campaign with a national reach

"JUMP has worked with us to deliver a campaign with the aim of saving lives. They have done this in a creative, compassionate and supportive way whilst also showcasing the tact required for the subject matter of suicide prevention."

Matthew Smith, Co-Founder

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