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Collingwood is situated in North Shields and specialises in learner insurance, allowing motorists to go further by accessing top-level coverage. Additionally, they cater to the likes of taxi and courier drivers, by offering both short and long-term cover.

Recognising the need to modernise their brand and business structure, Collingwood approached JUMP for a rebrand. Their aim was to harmonise their brand identity with modern trends and appeal to existing customers while attracting new ones. They sought a powerful design framework to achieve these objectives.

Navigating a brand transformation 

JUMP began by exploring Collingwood’s brand architecture. Comprehensive marketing and competitor research was conducted, including the examination of Collingwood's vision, values and beliefs. This helped JUMP establish the best route for the rebrand, clarifying whether Collingwood wanted to retain any existing elements or transform the brand completely. Following stakeholder workshops, research, and user groups. JUMP decided the name should change from Collingwood Insurance to Collingwood, only within the brand identity.

Furthermore, JUMP carefully surveyed Collingwood’s purpose and mission, to shape the brand’s messaging effectively. In addition, Collingwood’s brand strategy was closely examined to ensure all of the researched brand elements would be reflected in the new brand.

Outdoor advertising billboard displaying Collingwood learners insurance branding and illustrations

The freedom of movement 

During the research phase, it became evident that Collingwood's primary focus lay in guiding individuals through the entire journey, from novice learners to freshly passed drivers. It also came to light that their brand purpose was to ‘get the nation moving’, a principle that would be prominently featured in their logo and branding.

JUMP identified the idea that driving offers freedom and flexibility, leading to the adoption of ‘freedom of movement’ as a central theme that would inform Collingwood's new brand. To visually represent this concept, the clever use of the three 'o's' in ‘Collingwood’ was chosen to symbolise wheels and movement. The choice of playful, rounded typography was deliberate, as it effectively conveyed motion and fluidity, while also highlighting the company's bold and friendly nature.

Branding is more than just a logo

Following the logo creation, JUMP focused on the other various elements of the brand. This included the addition of a bright colour palette which not only highlighted Collingwood’s friendly personality but also set them apart from more corporate competitors. This distinctive quality serves as a unique selling point, distinguishing Collingwood within their competitive landscape.

The introduction of playful illustration style was introduced to convey a sense of friendliness while giving Collingwood flexibility. It was essential to strike a balance between highlighting the brand's fun personality without veering into a childlike aesthetic.

The combination of illustrated assets, icons and photography positions Collingwood to be highly adaptable in the future, offering an array of combinations for use across their website and other various marketing materials.

The finishing touches

To conclude the project, JUMP crafted a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to empower Collingwood to consistently represent their new brand in the future. These guidelines covered various aspects, including how to integrate the new brand into their website, as well as guidelines for logo styling, icons and how to use illustrations. Additionally, guidance was given on how to effectively convey the new brand architecture through messaging and tone of voice.

Collingwood learner insurance brand guidelines including colour palette, logo usage, typography and more

Establishing personality through a vibrant rebrand

"JUMP worked through every angle to ensure we had exactly what we are envisioning with our brand. We are very pleased and excited to present our refreshed brand."

Jonathan Brougham, Head of Marketing

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