Fedrigoni 366/2020

By Rachel Alexander

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Graphic design Team
Cover of the Fedrigoni 366 Calendar

JUMP is once again honoured to be included in the upcoming Fedrigoni calendar for the second year running. Named Fedrigoni 366, the 2020 calendar features a different design for each day of the leap year designed by studios from all over the UK. In previous years, the calendar has been monochrome in design; 2018’s calendar used Sirio Ultra Black paper and silver ink while 2019’s comprised of a host of white stocks from across the Fedrigoni range, printed with a gunmetal silver ink.

The forthcoming calendar is a kaleidoscope of colours by comparison, featuring the full spectrum from the Woodstock collection. Comprising of 16 different colours, Woodstock is a range of recycled uncoated papers made with 80% recycled fibres and 20% FSC® certified virgin fibres. Additionally, the 366 Calendar is Carbon Balanced. In partnership with the World Land Trust, the Carbon Balance programme allows users of Fedrigoni stock to offset their greenhouse gas emissions though protecting and restoring carbon-rich woodlands across the world. But enough about the calendar as a whole, what about JUMP’s contribution?

The brief

The brief this year matched previous years, which was to create a book of numbers. Designs could be influenced by anything around the number, date or time of year, but ultimately the final artwork was to focus on the number itself.

Our date this year was the 14th January which was to be printed on Azzuro, a lovely light, bright blue, overprinted with black ink. With this in mind the designers set to work researching our given date. Like last year, JUMP would submit several different designs created by the team, letting the final design (aka the winner) be selected by Fedrigoni.

The process

The brief and deadline for submissions was issued in July of 2019. Many of us started looking at the date itself for notable events, births and deaths: there are twelve 14th’s throughout the year, but only one January 14th, so a few of us took this as the inspiration to make our designs unique. Others looked at quirky facts around the number fourteen itself as a starting point.

The entries

The entries from the design team showcase each of our personalities, from our love of film, music and space to the downright weird. The entries submitted were as follows:

The six entries JUMP submitted for the Fedrigoni 366 Calendar

From left to right: 

  • American film actor Humphrey Bogart died on this day in 1957. As an actor in over 75 films, Bogart is perhaps best known as an icon of film noir.
  • Celebrating the last ever gig of punk band the Sex Pistols at the Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco on 14th January 1978.
  • The fourteen moons of Neptune in order of average distance from the planet. So far, we only have images of eight of them, captured by the Voyager 2 satellite.
  • Please fill in the crossword to complete this page.
  • Hallucigenia: named after its bizarre appearance this creature is a fourteen-legged woodlouse, identified through fossils found mainly in Canada and China.
  • On this day in 1898, English writer of the world-famous Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll passed away.

The winner is…

Three images showing the launch of the Fedrigoni 366 Calendar

Photos from the launch night, courtesy of TM Studio (@tmstudio_) who compiled the calendar.

While the entries were submitted in July, it was November before we found out which design was featured in the calendar. On receiving our copy of the calendar we saw that Rachel Alexander’s design marking the passing of actor and icon, Humphrey Bogart, made it into print. Rachel is an avid fan of film noir; part of her portfolio when applying to JUMP included a project centred on a film noir film festival. On discovering Bogart’s connection to the given date, she knew she wanted to pay tribute to the genre in some way.

Rachel says about her design: “One of the most iconic visual tropes of the film noir genre are Venetian blinds. As well as adding a sense of mystery to the drama, what they reveal is just as important as what they hide. With this in mind, I hid the number fourteen in the space between the ‘blinds’, which can be better seen the further away you are from the design (or by taking your glasses off in my case).”

The winning entry from JUMP, showing the number 14 through a set of Venetian blinds.

Fedrigoni 366, featuring all 16 shades of Woodstock, is now available to buy at counter-print.co.uk

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