Why graphic designers become graphic designers

By Robert Brown

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As an agency that is built on its ability to use creativity for original, well-crafted communications, our origins of ‘creativity’ and ways to keep it flowing throughout our work is always a hot topic in the studio.

Most recently, a discussion in this area sparked an interesting conversation in which our graphic designers started to talk about what made them decide to become graphic designers.

A photo of members of the design team when they were young

Top (left to right): Lucy Batley, Adrian Martin
Bottom (left to right): Rachel Alexander, Andrew Baxter, Marie Walker

For some people, doodling in sketchbooks from the dawn of time might have made this an obvious choice in life. For others it could be finding a hero in a graphic designer, or, as is the case for Pentagram's Angus Hyland, falling in love with record sleeves - or perhaps it could be book covers or film posters. For others, it could simply be a case of having the skills that fit the requirements. Here's what our very own graphic designers had to say about how they landed here...

Rachel Alexander, Graphic Designer:

“I always wanted to do something arty. My Mum also knew this from the moment I drew on the hearthstones with crayons when I was a toddler. When I was at school I also really enjoyed the study of English, and I feel graphic design combines the analytical skills learned from English along with the creative and arty. I also wanted to do something more practical (than ‘just painting’) that was also creative and graphic design covers both of those bases.”

Hannah Fawcett, Graphic Designer:

“Growing up in a creative family, I was always encouraged to draw and paint. After studying arts and design from school to sixth form to college and finally university, I found my niche and have never looked back. I hate seeing crap design as I’m a perfectionist and borderline OCD so I love the process of improving a piece of design and seeing it before and after and then taking pride in the outcome. I enjoy being creative every single day and working on new projects every week and then seeing these designs in everyday life. I love that graphic design encompasses and combines many different practices from interiors, architecture, copywriting to photography, so you can guarantee no project is the same.”

Marie Walker, Graphic Designer:

“I’m a naturally creative person and this role allows me to be creative every day, and call it my job. I like to create solutions to problems that make a difference and impact people’s lives, and change people’s ways of thinking.”

Adrian Martin, Graphic Designer:

“I became a graphic designer because it was the perfect job to feed my artistic inspirations and at the same time have a career where I can make some money. I like that it’s not always the same, brings new challenges every day, and it allows me to express myself and my ideas in a creative way and with a purpose. I love creating and although we don’t always get dream jobs, the beauty of it is to create new things that you are proud of and has a bit of your uniqueness in it.”

Andy Baxter, Head of Design:

“As a child I loved crafting, building and making stuff and still do today. Graphic design is all about creating, and that’s why I became a designer.”

“By creating order out of chaos I wanted to make the world a more beautiful place.”
- Lucy Batley, Creative Director

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