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We created the multi-channel advertising campaign around the call to action ‘Your Future Starts Here’ and showcasing current employees in roles within the NHS. Through extensive research, we concluded that the best way to encourage people to search and apply for jobs was in an authentic and genuine way by showcasing those who already worked in hospitals. We commissioned, planned and art directed photo shoots at various NHS locations to gain images that had the correct tone; they needed to feel realistic but confident at the same time.

NHS Careers Poster

A focus on people, careers and lifestyle

The focus of the project has always been people, careers and lifestyle. We spent time considering different personas and thinking about the type of people who would be using the website and what exactly they would want from it. We created user journeys that would give us a clear indication of not just who would be encountering the campaign and website, but exactly how they would use it too, giving a definitive idea of what would be beneficial to them.

It was important to find a balance between showcasing good news stories to highlight the Trust and the ease of navigation to find the vacancies that existed through a map and intuitive search function.

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How do you create a campaign that helps address the NHS staffing crisis?

The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust careers website and campaign aims to tackle the NHS recruitment problem in the region by showcasing what makes Newcastle and the NHS a great place to live and work. JUMP was commissioned to design a website and advertising campaign that would encourage and inspire people to want to work in Newcastle and its hospitals.

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Tackling the NHS staffing crisis in a creative way

"Our careers website is now eye catching and unique to our organisation. It enables us to engage with potential candidates, showcase the opportunities in the NHS and features our real-life staff."

Dani Colvin Laws, Staff Experience & Engagement Manager

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