A face-lift for Nirvana Europe

By Robert Brown

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The Nirvana logo

Evolution over revolution

When it came to the refresh, the key to our approach was ‘evolution over revolution’. We did not want to lose sight of the respected image that Nirvana Europe already has, and decided that a face-lift was far more fitting than a full rebrand. We decided to incorporate the number one into their new logo, which was for two simple reasons; firstly, to show that putting customers at the forefront of their work has never altered, and secondly, to recognise that they are now the number one provider of bespoke sports travel. After this, we rejuvenated their palate with a more suitable colour scheme as well as introducing more recent photos that would reflect their latest endeavours.

The online experience

The implementation of the new booking system was the next step. The UX team and our developers ensured that users remained at the heart of all decision-making, demonstrating our deep understanding of Nirvana Europe’s business goals. In order to do this successfully, we explored popular competitor sites and the latest user behaviour studies to decide on a process of booking that would be as simple as possible. Our lead developer, Chris, rewrote the booking system for both Nirvana and the customers, creating one code base for both ends. This meant there was a front-end (customer) booking system, as well as a backend CRS booking system (for Nirvana Europe). With this in place, new features can be added in with ease. Lastly, he wrote it as a JavaScript application, making the system lightning quick and further helping customers to have an intuitive online experience.

An image of the online booking process
An image of the online booking process and accommodation
An image of the online booking process and a map

Start your journey today at https://www.nirvanaeurope.com/en

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