Celebrating women in our industry

By Robert Brown

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An image of many famous women in our industry

International Women’s Day surfaced in 1901 as women marched through the streets of New York demanding shorter hours, better pay and voting rights. Since then, its impact has spread to Europe and other realms, taking on a whole host of customs. Our Director, Lucy, recalls experiencing one of these in Milan, turning up to work to find yellow mimosas on every woman’s desk. This year in America, we will see those responsible for the Women’s March on Washington invite the whole world to join in their latest demonstration - A Day Without a Woman. No matter what the custom, the sentiment still stands: to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. At JUMP, we are doing just this. In solidarity with, and in support of this day, we are exploring those that have inspired and continue to influence our work. Whether they have stirred us through design or impacted the technology we use, here is a small selection of those women:

Rob's pick (Director) -
Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook

As Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, she is one of the most powerful influences in the technology sector. As well as supporting Facebook’s growth, she also promotes many initiatives to address the gender gap in the industry, and is on the board for Women for Women International. She is writer of the somewhat controversial book, Lean In, and conducted the TED talk labelled "Why we have too few women leaders".

Danielle’s pick (UX Manager) –
Margaret Calvert OBE, Graphic Designer

At 80 years old, this South African born, British graphic designer has achieved a lot in her life. She is most famous for her work with Jack Kinnear, having designed our road signs within the UK. These seemingly simple signs are intricately thought-out, carefully crafted designs that have stood the test of time and saved lives for over 50 years. Oh and the Tyne and Wear Metro sign? That’s her too.

Paul’s pick (Developer) –
Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube

As the first marketing manager of Google, she developed AdSense - Google’s largest source of revenue. She advised the purchase of YouTube to Google’s board and handled the acquisition of the $1.65 billion handover. Now CEO of YouTube, she is a vocal advocate of paid maternity and the importance of work-life balance for professional women.

Hannah’s pick (Designer) –
Jessica Hische, Graphic Designer

Born in Pennsylvania, Jessica is a letterer, illustrator and type designer. She is perhaps best known as 'The Drop Cap Girl', stemming from a pet project where she released a letter per day to her blog. She has since worked for the likes of Wes Anderson and Penguin Books. Best of all, she kindly replied to an email from Hannah!

Simon's pick (Developer) -
Grace Hopper, American Computer Scientist

A pioneer of the 1900s, ‘Amazing Grace’ studied mathematics and physics before going on to Yale University and collecting her masters. During World War II, she joined the US Navy, and was assigned to the Bureau of Ordinance Computation. She was the first ever individual female to be a recipient of the National Medal of Technology.

Adrian’s pick (Designer) –
Monika Buch, Graphic Designer

From the beautiful Valencia, Spain, Monika uses her hometown (as well as Adrian’s) as inspiration for her designs. She uses the bright Mediterranean colours as well as the cultural landmarks, architecture and endless geometric patterns to influence her vivid work.

Jonathan’s pick (Developer) –
Angela Ahrendts, Apple SVP

The only woman on the company’s executive board at Apple and responsible for the operation and expansion of the retail and online stores. After having joined Apple from Burberry, she has contributed innovatively through the likes of the Genius Bar and one-to-one personal training.

Louise’s pick (Researcher) –
Chrissie Macdonald, Graphic Designer

A London-based illustrator, maker and art director and another lover of vibrant colours. She works both individually and with the Peepshow Collective, having worked on Orange, The New York Times Magazine and Creative Review. She is inspired by her interest in kinetic devices and inventions, particularly fictional ones in films from her childhood like Weird Science, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory and E.T.

Lucy’s pick (Director) –
Zoe Farrington, CEO of Realrider

Finishing with a local dose of inspiration, Zoe Farrington of Realsafe Technologies is responsible for the first phone app that tells emergency services if a motorcyclist has had a crash. She funded the sources amidst a double-dip recession, but now has the only 999-integrated app in the UK. Never one to sit still, she is planning to get it 911-integrated, shortly moving over to Canada and the US… watch this space!


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