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By Adrián Martin

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In this blog our illustrious Spanish Graphic Designer gives us a whistle stop tour of his favourite pieces from his collection of art and design inspired t-shirts, each one a small work of art in its own right.

You might be wondering why the heck a digital design studio is writing a blog about t-shirts. Although I wouldn’t say there is a lot of thought behind my style of dress, I’ve realised that most of the designs I wear are very closely related to where I come from, what I do for a living and what my hobbies and passions are.  

Our Creative Director Lucy, finds my t-shirts hilarious and this has been happening since I started working at JUMP four years ago.  So we thought it’d be great idea to write a blog about it and it’s only when I had a closer look at my “collection” that I realised that yeah, they are a bit funky! 

But enough bavardage (that’s just French for chit chat, I’m a fashion blogger now it seems, so trying to be a bit fancy), let’s have a look at some of my favourite t-shirts: 

Blog t-shirt


One of my ultimate t-shirts recovers the first sketch of the famous mascot of the of Barcelona’ 92 Olympic Games.

Not only was it designed by the iconic Valencian designer Mariscal but it also covers one of my favourite graphic design areas of all times: the Olympic Games.  

Coincidentally Lucy met Mariscal in Barcelona in the early 1990s whilst on a college trip.

Blog t-shirt 8


This fun, embroidered t-shirt is from COACH. I think I wear dinosaur t-shirts to overcome my frustrations of wanting to become a successful Palaeontologist, but also because apparently they have become a trend, so if you don’t have at least one dinosaur related item, you are just not cool enough!   

COACH collaborates with four contemporary artists based in China to reimagine their beloved mascot, Rexy.

Blog t-shirt 3


I got this t-shirt from Urban Outfitters and I just love how subtle and unusual it is. I always find people staring at my chest when I wear it and for I second, I think the gym is finally paying off. I also love that the text is embroidered and the attention to detail is stunning. 

Unfortunately, this is the kind of t-shirt you should buy MAYBE LATER because it has already sold out.

Blog t-shirt 2

Atlanta 1996

We all love a dose of vintage. It’s hard not to be enchanted by a piece of clothing with such a huge sense of history attached to it. But buying vintage clothing is also a great way to acquire a new wardrobe whilst minimising the resources used to make the items. 

I mentioned already that I love Olympic Games related design. It has the right balance of being so iconic, yet cheesy but visually appealing. 

As designers, when we are creating a new brand for a client, we aim to make it as timeless as possible. But for the Olympic Games, cities have to pitch the ideas at least eight years in advance. Therefore the designer’s mindset is totally different and I think that is what makes the designs so interesting and unique; they dont follow trends, they are bold and truly timeless.

Blog t-shirt 5


This tee shows music expressed as PANTONE style colour charts. Featuring 42 artists and songs with the word blue in the title, from The Beatles and Johnny Cash, to The Velvet Underground and White Stripes. 

I got it from Origin68 and it always gets really nice compliments from graphics designers when I wear it. 

Blog t-shirt 7


This embroidered t-shirt is from Desigual, a brand born in Barcelona famous for its distinctively bright colours and playful patterns. 

I like how crafty it feels with the loose threads and also reminds me of the cover of Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division. 

Fun fact: it is the t-shirt that inspired Lucy ask me to write this blog! 

Blog t-shirt 4

Jose Roda

Jose Roda is a Spanish illustrator based in Madrid. He is my absolute favourite artist and basically every t-shirt he has released I have bought. 

His work includes stunning illustrations, Riso and screen prints, original paintings, sculptures to paper cut pieces. I truly think that this t-shirt is a wearable piece of art. 

Blog t-shirt 6

The Mona Choriza

A true work of art in any outfit. Choriza May, Drag Idol Newcastle 2019 winner, becomes a cult classic in her own classics inspired tee! 

If you don’t know Choriza May, well, you are missing out! Newcastle’s current reigning queen is originally from Spain and is one of my favourite queens EVER. Not like I have a choice (wink wink).  

This t-shirt is part of a collection by Bad Wear Day in collaboration with Choriza.

Blog t-shirt Pride

Northern Pride

And last but not least... A couple of months ago I was asked by Northern Pride to design a t-shirt celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots that kick-started the modern-day LGBT+ rights movement. It is an honour to be able to be part of the Northern Pride history in such a relevant year, so of course, I had to include it on this blog!  

This design represents the Pride parade in Newcastle. A minimalistic piece that paints the city’s well-known landmarks, such as the Angel of the North, the Tyne Bridge & Grey’s Monument, in the colours of the LGBTQ+ community’s various flags, and also seeks to highlight the rich diversity of the parade’s many revellers and activists that march each year.

And they are my top nine t-shirts! I hope this blog brought a smile to your face and improved your knowledge on the fascinating world of my wardrobe. In the next blog, I’ll talk about how matching the colour of your socks and pants improves your confidence when pitching for a client. Stayed tuned! 

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