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By Adrián Martin

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Instagram is at its peak and we have to admit that here at JUMP we just love it! Here you’ll find a selection of 5 local Instagram accounts and 5 international ones that inspire us and share creative content related to music, architecture, memes, graphic design, photography, culture, illustration and travel.


Jimmy Turrell

Jimmy is a local graphic artist and video director. In his Instagram account you can find some of his work that combines handmade collage, drawing, screen-printing and painting alongside digital techniques.

Alex Sickling

Alex Sickling is a local illustrator and ceramicist based in Gateshead. In her Instagram account you can find amazing pieces from ceramic plates and figurines to t-shirts and posters featuring her unique style of illustration.

Poke Newcastle

Poke is Newcastle’s much-loved independent LGBTQ club night. In a saturated feed full of foodie friends, Poke’s Instagram gives you a breath of fresh air with their daily posts featuring alternative LGBTQ bands and artists, their 'album of the year' countdown each December, Spotify playlists and their glorious club night promo artworks.

Baltic Shop

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Our designers’ shop of choice, Baltic Shop features a very creative and refreshing work from artists all around the North. Colourful shots and lovely designs, this Instagram account is perfect if you want to be continuously inspired, if you need to get a present for someone special, or even better, for yourself!


Pablo Rochat

A post shared by Pablo Rochat (@pablo.rochat) on

Considered one of the most creative people on Instagram. Pablo Rochat, a graphic designer from Atlanta, has spent the last 2 years creating witty content using emojis and memes for Instagram and Instagram Stories. A perfect account to make you laugh and remind yourself that graphic design is also fun.

Jose Roda

Jose Roda is a Spanish illustrator based in Madrid. His Instagram account is a veritable paradise full of stunning illustrations, riso and screen prints, original paintings, sculptures and paper cut pieces, all of them in his signature colour palette. Become part of the Roda World and meet all the beautiful and colourful women in it.

Fruit stickers

This one is my personal favourite. This Instagram account has the biggest fruit sticker collection you’ll ever find. Perfect for daily inspiration and a good reminder that good design comes in all colours, shapes and sizes.

I have this thing with floors

A travelling Instagram account with a twist. These guys from Amsterdam share pictures of the most beautiful floors around the world. Have a look and fall in love with this unusual account, and maybe it will make you want to look at what’s under your feet next time you go on holiday.

Accidentally Wes Anderson

A post shared by @accidentallywesanderson on

This collaborative account is just breathtaking. You don’t need to be a fan of Wes Anderson or even know who he is (we hope you do) to fall in love with the amazing photography that is featured here. Immerse yourself in a world of pastel colours, perfect symmetry and astonishing architecture.



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We couldn’t miss the opportunity to mention our own account! If you are interested in having a sneak peak of what goes on inside JUMP’s studio you should have a look at our Instagram. You’ll find some of our work, nights out, trips, life in the studio, things that inspire us and more blogs like this one.

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