Motion Graphics: what are they and our examples

By Kasey Murphy

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Motion graphics have become an essential element of modern digital communication. They are used in various media, including television, films, online videos, social media, and websites.

But, motion graphics videos are no longer just something for high-budget companies to use in eye-catching adverts. They can be used across all businesses and breathe life into brands.

A powerful message combined with charming imagery and smooth transitions really gathers viewer attention and helps various industries engage with their audience.

What are motion graphics?

The motion graphics definition refers to animated graphic design elements that combine text, images, and audio to convey a message or tell a story.

Motion graphics videos are often used to enhance visual appeal, provide engaging imagery, and gain the viewer's attention in a clear and engaging way.

Motion graphics are a form of digital animation that incorporates graphic design principles to create visually compelling content. They are commonly used in advertising, branding, explainer videos, and infographics to communicate complex ideas or data in a visually engaging way.

What is motion graphics used for?

Video content is highly consumed in today's society. Video displays are a part of almost every successful social media strategy pack. The introduction of vibrant colors and beautiful imagery in an animated video connected to a brand is a great example of using motion graphics video across marketing.

Motion graphics animation is used in various fields, including advertising, branding, education, entertainment, and journalism. Motion graphics videos and animation video content are used to communicate complex ideas and data in a visually engaging and understandable way.

Some of the common uses of motion graphics include:

  • Creating explainer video graphics

  • Enhancing the visual appeal of websites and social media

  • Presenting data and statistics in infographics

  • Creating title sequences for films and television shows

  • Producing animated logos and branding elements

  • Adding special effects to films and videos

How are motion graphics made?

Motion graphics are created using digital tools and techniques. The process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Conceptualisation: This involves developing the idea or message that the motion graphic will convey.

  2. Storyboarding: This is the process of creating a visual outline of the motion graphic, including the sequence of scenes and the visual elements that will be used.

  3. Design: This involves creating the visual elements of the motion graphic, such as characters, backgrounds, and text.

  4. Animation: This is the process of bringing the motion graphics to life by adding movement and transitions between scenes.

  5. Sound Design: This involves adding sound effects, voiceovers, and music to enhance the overall impact of the motion graphic.

The design team here at JUMP each have their own process for how they generate inspiration and creative ideas into motion graphics and animated videos. They consider the brand, the values, and how they can add entertainment into a video. 

Motion design vs motion graphics

Motion design and motion graphics are often used interchangeably, but they refer to different aspects of the same process. 

Motion design refers to the process of creating the visual elements of a motion graphic, such as characters, backgrounds, and text. Motion graphics refer to the final product, which combines visual elements with animation, sound, and transitions.

Why motion graphics design is important for your business

Motion graphics have become an essential element of modern digital communication. They provide a visually engaging way to communicate complex ideas and data. They can also be used to enhance the visual appeal of websites and social media, making them more attractive to audiences. 

Motion graphics can help businesses and organisations to stand out in a crowded market by creating visually compelling content that communicates their message effectively.

Because of this, motion graphics are a powerful tool for modern digital communication. They combine graphic design principles with animation to create visually engaging content that communicates complex ideas and data in an understandable way. 

Whether used for advertising, branding, education, or entertainment, motion graphics can help businesses and organisations to stand out in a crowded market and communicate their message effectively.

Motion graphics examples

Motion graphics are an excellent example of a way to introduce brand personality types into marketing material. With animations and video content, brands can use fun and creative visuals to spice up explainer videos. 

Some examples of the best motion graphics we have delivered are listed below. They help showcase our clients in a better light through videos and GIFs that are used across their website, social media, and other marketing material! 

Take this example below that JUMP did for Curo Waste. Our graphic designers got their creative juices flowing and created this great animation explainer video.

Another great video example is a social post we produced for our client RDCIP. Our team created a quick, informative animation by using a mixture of their logo, figures and motion graphics to showcase how their target audience can receive up to £6,000 funding through applying for their grant.

And lastly, some shorter motion graphics examples include short videos that can be used as icons within a website and do an excellent job of portraying ordinary icons or images as moving icons.

A small touch in motion graphics like these allow a company to stand out from the crowd and gain the attention of their users.

How JUMP Can Help You With Motion Graphic Videos and Animated Videos

A combination of motion graphics, animated videos, and static content is the perfect solution for integrating different styles of content into your marketing strategy, to better attract and keep potential customers. 

In a world where creativity matters to stand out, your business needs graphic designers and experts to help get your company out of a creative block and into the next big thing. 

JUMP works with your company to create inspirational and creative motion graphics video for your business to use across your marketing strategy. 

Having a team like JUMP in your back pocket helps companies stay on-trend and on-brand with all your marketing materials - including the best motion graphics!

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