JUMPing in at the deep end: Lottie’s experience

By Lottie Grafton

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Graphic design Team
Lottie Grafton

Having recently completed a degree in Graphic Communication, I was ready and excited to take my first steps into the industry and bag myself some work experience. I’ve been hooked on branding and campaign work since starting university where I discovered my passion for creative problem-solving. I found that taking something and packaging it into a simple, stretchy visual system with a clear underpinning concept was something that I loved.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rob, JUMP’s Managing Director, at a local cafe, who introduced me to Andy (JUMP’s Creative Director). I was incredibly eager to impress as I had been following the company online for a couple of years and sensed the agency’s culture was tight-knit. Working in a fun and positive space is something that has always mattered to me. Not to mention, JUMP’s work is cool and super eclectic. I wanted to be a part of it all, so when I was offered the opportunity for a placement, I was ecstatic.

Beginning my internship was nerve-wracking, but I was grateful to be welcomed as a member of the team from the get-go, and I felt as if my input and presence were warmly received. The team was incredibly friendly and patient, getting me up to speed straight away. For my first project, I was tasked with the responsibility of working with the team to create a logo and brand identity to pitch to a client. was given a desk, unlimited coffee, and the research and re-naming progress that the team uses.

I loved working so closely with the team from day one, as this is something I wanted from this placement. The opportunity to be collaborative again, to chat and check in frequently with like-minded, creative individuals was great. Everyone's thoughtful critiques elevated everything I made, and casually bouncing ideas around during conversation and considering different perspectives gave me lots of joy. I always find that being surrounded by creative people who you can learn from is a surefire way to level up your design skills.

Something unexpected for me was the creative process at JUMP. I’d heard that agency work was incredibly different to what you experience at university, so I was prepared to abandon my current, comfy design process for a real-life one. One that considers actual clients and unfamiliar processes. Over my time here, I’ve learned that the process isn’t a hard and fast thing. Agonising over it can inhibit one's creativity. It also helps to put your pride aside and get all your bad ideas out, no matter how silly or unfeasible they may seem. It takes time to sieve through dirt and find gold.

I also discovered that the team at JUMP work fast, but I tried not to let it scare me. I found that the pace removed my ability to overthink, as well as the complexities and walls that often come up during the process. I found myself going with my instincts more often, which (with the team steering) often worked out. So, in the best way possible, I was thrown in at the deep end. Having the trust and responsibility to work on projects and have my voice heard was emboldening. Every small win has made every day a success for me.

During the later stages, I learned the importance of presentation. Being involved in the creation of a few presentations, I found that it’s integral to show the journey you’ve taken to reach the solution, giving as much context as you can, in an effective way. This was custom to each client, but often included things such as an understanding of the client, how their competitors position themselves, how the client can be set apart from the competition, and the messaging behind any branding systems pitched. Now, it’s easy for me to see how not only the work, but the way you deliver it, is crucial to how it’s received - be it to your team members or a client.

Reflecting on my experience so far, I still have a lot to learn but sincerely believe this placement has been a step in the right direction. Getting the opportunity to work so closely with successful professionals, soaking up their knowledge and putting it into action on live briefs has taught me so many invaluable lessons. Things university simply could not teach me.

I want to thank JUMP a million times over for their generosity and time over the past 3 months, and I am so excited for what my future in the industry may have in store.

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