One Region, One Sector, One Statement

By Andrew Baxter

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One Region, One Sector, One Statement Brochure

The North East is home to a thriving Creative Digital and Tech sector, the fastest growing region outside of London. The sector is made up from an exciting and diverse range of organisations that have come together to create One Region, One Sector, One Statement to highlight the incredible businesses and ultimately inspire the next generation of talent and investment.

Showcasing the sector through design

JUMP designed and produced the statement in order to showcase the companies that make the sector so unique, and to bring to life the statistics that highlight the North East as a flourishing region for Creative Digital and Tech.

Use of dynamic photography and bold infographics help to create an engaging document that is designed to work for a diverse audience, with readers across all sectors being able to engage with
the information.

We created a unique look-and-feel using a limited colour palette and design elements. The information is laid out in a way that allows the reader to absorb the information quickly and easily.

JUMP was trusted to bring this significant document to life and deliver the creativity needed to make this unique piece stand-out and encourage its readers to absorb the information.

Lucy Batley, Creative Director at JUMP, who also sits on the Digital Union advisory panel says:

The statement is succinct but packed with detail. A vibrant piece of design that makes use of colour, typography and images, as well as detailed facts to highlight the sector. The statement puts the North East firmly on the map and acts as a significant tool in order to promote the sector.

You can download the statement here.

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