Why two heads are better than one

By Robert Brown

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Two heads are better than one graphic

At JUMP, we work collaboratively both with our clients and as a team. After all, teamwork makes the dream work, but effective teamwork takes good communication, trust and diversity. 

Working with clients

When working on a project, clients should be given the chance to become part of the team. In fact, researching the client’s brief should be the most important part of the process. Doing this allows an agency to become what we call ‘critical friends’ with the client, meaning clients can tell you what they want and in turn be offered expertise. When you think about it, a friendship is based on balance. Clients need to be able to tell you what they want. Likewise, however, if you are being paid to improve a brand, it is important to speak up when something needs to be said. That’s teamwork in our eyes, and it is this personal approach to working with clients that allows for the creation of bespoke work. 

Working with the team

As an agency, we are divided into creative and digital areas and house a wide range of industry experts. Being a diverse group of creative consultants, graphic designers, digital experts, brand strategists and advertisers has its advantages. Not only does it allow us to call ourselves a full service creative agency, but it means we have talent in every area of the industry. When it comes to teamwork, we believe that this is what enables an agency to truly excel. For any agency, using individual strengths to come together and create something that is reflective of the team’s overall goals is important in producing the best possible work. It is a common interest in the overall project however, that allows a finished piece to be delivered with precision. 

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

The results of teamwork

We try hard to remember that two minds are better than one, and the results of effective teamwork are shown in our work. For example, People’s Theatre wanted to create a bold and visual identity that stayed true to their traditional background - its iconic phoenix logo has been prestigiously pinned to its doors since 1920. They knew they did not want to lose sight of their heritage, but wanted a modernised design. Through expressing this, JUMP was able to deliver a successful strategy for their brand. This was made possible through having specialists in illustration, graphic design, advertising, branding, social media strategies and marketing. Overall this collaboration with both our client and as a team amounted to a 49.8% increase in ticket sales. To reiterate then, teamwork makes the dream work, and effective teamwork takes good communication, trust and diversity. 

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