Baggage intelligence 

BagsID is on a mission to modernise airports and airline processes for baggage handling and tracking. They develop data, API and algorithm-based software to create a smarter baggage journey for the aviation industry.

JUMP's focus was to understand the existing problems with baggage handling and how BagsID aims to solve them. We then designed and developed a new, bespoke website with graphic design elements to showcase the way baggage handling is approached via baggage biometrics, and delivered with BagsID’s technology.

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Digitising through modern website design

Building on their core commitment, the BagsID website needed to stand for a smart change in the baggage journey. Digitising baggage handling is long overdue and BagsID aims to change the current process and in turn, cut costs, increase operational efficiency and improve sustainability throughout the aviation industry. 

Providing a wealth of information, the website needed to be informative with a simple and functional experience for the user. This allowed the user to easily learn more about BagsID, and introduce BagsID as an important partner in the next phase of aviation and technology to be used within Baggage Handling systems across the globe.

Smart baggage solutions need smart web solutions

Like all of our websites, the BagsID website was created with a responsive design strategy to ensure a smooth user experience on all types of devices. The website was equipped to be used across multiple devices, as well as allow a user journey throughout the website. 

This included the use of different buttons to navigate to different areas of the website, as well as menu options to lead to landing pages for each audience that BagsID will be integrating with. 

The website integrates with email software and allows for a comprehensive marketing platform that gives the ability to manage and communicate with clients, customers, and other individuals who are interested.

Innovative products meet innovative graphic design

To reflect the forward thinking and advanced technologies utilised in the BagsID system, it is only natural to implement the latest motion graphic software to breathe life into the website and visual components of BagsID. 

The ability to showcase particular parts of the software and BagsID product was crucial in order for website users to understand how BagsID might work within their industry and role.

Due to the technology and certain privacy restrictions, parts of the software and how a user would interact with the software could not be shown across the website directly, so JUMP replicated the product through graphic design. This allowed the product and BagsID to better connect with individuals through education and examples. 

Bringing the baggage journey to life 

With a focus on simplicity, the once-static graphics were elevated with the addition of subtle, but engaging, animated elements. The result is a dynamic and informative series of animated graphics which help explain the vision and goals of BagsID. 

These visual motion graphics and animated designs have been used across all of BagsID's marketing materials, including in social media posts and presentations.

JUMP aimed to design the website to showcase credibility and modern abilities. JUMP focused on clear hierarchy, strong messaging and sleek, bespoke graphics.

Modern ideas for new technology

"We are so grateful to have the team at JUMP behind our team here at BagsID. We are extremely impressed with the quality of work and how helpful JUMP has been in providing exactly what we are looking for across multiple projects."

Caroline Vandy, Director of Marketing

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