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Digital presence to match in-person charm

Situated within the picturesque Northumberland countryside, Brinkburn Northumberland  is an exclusive wedding and holiday venue offering carefully crafted weddings, escapes and retreats. Steeped in history and natural beauty, Brinkburn Northumberland came to JUMP to redefine their brand positioning, align their marketing strategy and create a bespoke new website that reflected their unique offering.

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Redefining a sophisticated brand

Whilst happy with their current brand, Brinkburn Northumberland wanted JUMP to create a clear design framework in order to elevate their brand presence. This included design across the website, social media presence, marketing materials and print assets. 

We worked closely with Brinkburn Northumberland to define their key unique selling point - their exclusive location. This is reflected heavily in the refreshed visuals to create a consistent brand story. The design work involved visiting the estate and collecting plants and flowers from the environment and using these to print. From this, a library of assets that were completely unique to Brinkburn Northumberland were created, using art from their venue as a graphic design template. A cream tone was used as the background to add warmth and pops of the new brand colours were introduced in panels, layered with hints of the floral prints. This created a boutique and personalised appearance to the website, differentiating it from the much cooler-toned traditional wedding sites.

Letting the venue speak for itself

When you are working with a client that is offering the rental of such a beautiful array of event spaces and venues, it’s important to let the venues do the talking. By making the beautiful imagery the hero across the website wherever possible, you can promote what makes this particular client so special: the gorgeous holiday cottages, the impressive wedding venues and the unique event spaces.

With this in mind, the design we created for Brinkburn Northumberland was focused on large imagery and magazine-style headings that would quickly entice the customer. Full-width video was also incorporated to showcase the beauty of the location and focus in on details such as the trickling streams and flower-covered cottages. The website also included panels that allowed Brinkburn Northumberland to promote their unique history through a bespoke timeline and expert knowledge in journal articles.

Segmented target audiences

 A key part of Brinkburn coming to JUMP was for help on how to define these different areas of their offering. This resulted in the naming and creation of Weddings, Escapes and Retreats, each with its own section within the website. All were linked with strong imagery and confident messaging but helped clarify the experience for prospective customers and target audiences. Furthermore, it was used to help define their new marketing strategy and promote each aspect of the company with its own USPs.

Within the website, this separation was achieved by not only providing details on how to rent the venues themselves but also providing package suggestions for those looking for a particular type of ceremony or holiday. By differentiating offers and the website into “weddings” and “escapes”, you are looking to provide the right offer to the right customer, while also giving them an easy way to book the venue of their dreams.

All-in-one booking management solution 

In the modern world, it’s important to make any purchasing process as easy as it can possibly be, for both sides. To do this for their cottages, we integrated with off-the-shelf booking and management software, SuperControl.

From the customer’s point of view, they are presented an easy-to-use calendar which guides them through the current availability, pricing and the length of the stay. For the client they were able to work with software they were already comfortable with and all of the bells and whistles that this service provides: payment processing, booking handling, customer information, just to name a few.

Coming up with a digital solution through the backend of the website was crucial to increase the efficiency of the marketing and sales process across Brinkburn Northumberland as a business. It is simple to quickly nurture a website visitor to book, directly through the website and into Brinkburn Northumberland's desired system.

Promoting the beauty 

To emphasise the importance of location, the messaging strategy ‘A place to…’ was introduced and used across many headings in the website. This highlighted the flexibility of Brinkburn Northumberland’s offer, encouraging people to gather, celebrate and make memories whether this be a family holiday, romantic getaway or wedding ceremony. 

It was important that the tailored nature of the service Brinkburn Northumberland provides was captured in this messaging with the owners sharing their family estate with others to enjoy and the high level of detail and personal touches they put into every cottage.

The messaging and tone of voice was carried across into marketing materials and social media to create a confident and consistent appearance. We revised Brinkburn Northumberland’s social media strategy in order to promote weddings and escape more clearly and showcase all it has to offer. In addition, the design and branding carried over to the social media channels to ensure Brinkburn Northumberland kept their professional and exclusive image. 

Connected brand identity across all platforms

"JUMP were able to help us to identify our best points of difference against our competitors. From this they created a website and digital presence that easily showed these differences."

Mark Fenwick, Partner

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