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How do you create a brand that represents smarter ways to travel?

Co Wheels is a pay-as-you-go car hire scheme providing an environmentally friendly, socially just, community-based alternative to car ownership. Since starting as a small pilot operation in the North East in 2008 with just two cars, Co Wheels has become the UK’s largest community interest car club operator in over 60 towns and cities across the UK. 

Co Wheels’ primary focus is to help their members save money, reduce car ownership and create a cleaner environment by making lower emission transport operations available to everyone. JUMP's focus was to understand these smarter ways to travel and then utilise them to create a new brand identity, bespoke website and app.

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Co Wheels logo on white background

A focus on the customer journey, literally

During our research phase we agreed that the customer journey was key, from the booking process to the physical journey in the vehicle, but we also wanted this to be reflected in the brand identity

Co Wheels are passionate about mobility and connecting people and have always focussed on getting people where they need to be. The logo is a reflection of this and highlights that journeys can take you anywhere. Following this idea through into brand elements, using journeys also creates a vibrant and dynamic identity as well as a graphic system which allows for infinite flexibility across digital and printed collateral.

Phone in hand, using the Co Wheels app

Your car when you need it

As with all JUMP’s websites, the Co Wheels website was a bespoke build, designed to create something completely unique in response to the client’s and the customer’s specific requirements.

JUMP also worked alongside Co Wheels to design a new app, a place where customers can find the nearest car to them using a location map and then book a car for the date and time they want.

An integral part of designing an effective, tailored app solution is the implementation of user experience design. This helped us to understand the needs of users and ensured that the final product performs for them and for the brand, resulting in a high-performing app that users can benefit from.

Creating smarter ways to travel

"JUMP have totally transformed our look and feel, they understood our core business right from the outset and integrated everything seamlessly from start to finish. They translated our vision into reality and captured our ethos perfectly."

Robert Schopen, Marketing Manager

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