Understanding the business that understands businesses

Samepage is a digital consultancy that works closely with teams to truly understand their business needs and connect the dots for them so they can get the most out of technology. As they are a straight-talking, honest brand with the knowledge to back up their expertise, JUMP set out to develop a brand and website to reflect these values.

As part of the collaborative process, JUMP developed the name ‘Samepage’, which evolved from how close they work with each and every client, aiming to get on the same page and gain mutual understanding with the client.

Samepage branded business card

Creating an honest and upfront brand

In order to create a brand that is authentic and honest, JUMP explored the journey that Samepage goes on with their clients from the outset through to reaching their end goal. The discovery was that the process is bespoke and never a straight line and that there are many twists and turns, unexpected setbacks, wins, or kinks along the way.

JUMP took this idea and translated it to form the visual identity of the brand. JUMP developed graphic illustrations that represent the honest, sometimes unpredictable, Samepage process. A set of brand guidelines were created to outline how various brand elements and attributes should be used to carry forward a cohesive visual identity across all brand materials.

A website to reflect digital transformations

Samepage take their clients through digital transformations, so a bold and attention-grabbing website was a fitting solution to communicate this. JUMP built the website from scratch, which included custom animations running throughout the site, playing upon page load, providing an engaging interface and drawing the user in.

As well as animated illustrations, custom-designed icons are displayed throughout the site which act as visual cues for different services and elements. As with all our websites, the Samepage site was designed and developed responsively which allows for a considered user experience across all devices.

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Mobile screens showing the Samepage website

We know how to connect the dots

"JUMP’s approach was flexible and collaborative and they fully immersed themselves into our business. Their dedication to help us achieve our vision has resulted in a brand and website we are thrilled with."

Aidan Dunphy, Managing Director

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