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Powerfully showcasing business strengths through brand identification

Esuasive is a software solutions developer specialising in the housing sector. They deliver first-class solutions for housing providers, and they take pride in offering exemplary service that streamlines and strengthens businesses. At the centre of all their values is the emphasis of working closely with their clients as partners. Esuasive is a data-driven company, placing a strong emphasis on achieving results. They are committed to driving outcomes, fostering innovation, embracing agility, and leveraging the latest technologies to meet the evolving needs of their clients.

JUMP was challenged to make Esuasive stand out against competitors in a highly competitive market, where messaging alone wasn't enough to reach the target audience. The objective was to develop a distinctive brand proposition and identity that would establish Esuasive’s unique position in the marketplace whilst highlighting its core values and strengths in building relationships with people.

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Defining brand elements through purposeful design

Several key elements were used to shape Esuasive's brand identity. Esuasive wanted the brand to represent its people-focused nature, yet still fit into the technology sector with sleek design. JUMP presented a bright and powerful design approach, ensuring consistency and harmonious elements worked together across the brand.

To visually represent Esuasive's internal practices and business approach, a cyclical feature was created using the three lines in the letter ‘E’. This cyclical shape symbolised the client being at the centre of everything Esuasive does. 

The gradient within the cyclical element was incorporated to convey a sense of motion. It represented how Esuasive works with clients throughout the entire process, from start to finish, to create bespoke solutions. The shape itself consists of lines or increments that represent every step of the journey. These lines move and interlock, illustrating the power of partnership and suggesting a strong and defined process.

Securing a harmonious brand that is future-proof

A tagline, ‘do great things together’, was developed to encapsulate the brand's ambitious and confident nature. The outcomes of Esuasive's work would speak volumes to the success of their approach. The messaging was put in place to emphasise the importance of collaboration and partnership. 

Additionally, an icon set was created to extend the brand's visual language. These unique icons and animated circular motifs, which incorporated the gradient made from the three lines of the ‘E’, were integrated onto the website. The gradient added a vivid brightness to the brand without being over the top, while also reflecting the colour psychology of ‘trust’ and ‘logic’.

To make sure Esuasive keeps a cohesive brand presence long after working with JUMP, we crafted a set of comprehensive brand guidelines. These guidelines provide direction for Esuasive's future use of imagery, colours and logo placement, aiming to maintain a harmonious and consistent visual identity across all touchpoints. By establishing these guidelines, Esuasive will be equipped to present a unified and recognisable brand image as they continue to grow and evolve.

Integrating brand elements into a user-friendly website

Important emphasis was placed on visually connecting the solutions provided by Esuasive and presenting them in a clear and easily understandable manner for the user. The website was designed to be fully responsive, ensuring optimal viewing across various devices. To enhance user experience, the structure of the site was redefined to create a logical and intuitive layout. This involved striking a balance between brighter white spaces and the incorporation of new brand colours and motifs.

To highlight Esuasive's agility and sprint approach, animation and the application of the circular graphic were utilised in headers and footers throughout the site. The gradient, indicative of energy, pace and movement, was subtly introduced without overwhelming the overall design. A prominent feature on the homepage was a large video that provided an engaging introduction to the company.

Esuasive icon selection

Responsive web development focusing on user experience

To improve navigation on the website, a sticky header was implemented, allowing key information and menu options to remain accessible as users scrolled through the website. The footer of the website was designed to reveal additional information on larger screens, enhancing accessibility and user experience. 

Esuasive are experts at what they do, so JUMP implemented the ‘Learn’ section of their website which houses webinars, insights, and case studies. This helped highlight Esuasive’s specialisations which focus on sharing knowledge and partnering with others.

Esuasive Case Study Images - Learn page

Utilising a brand refresh to update older, successful content

A significant feature carried over from the previous site was the hexagon graphic on the ‘Complete Platform’ page. Working closely with the client, the interaction and representation of the hexagon shapes were redefined to illustrate the customer journey or asset lifecycle. The interactive graphic was colour-coded, with different hexagons highlighting various stages of the journey. 

This informative and visually appealing design demonstrated how Esuasive's technology solutions were tailored to meet each customer's specific needs, all while seamlessly blending with the sleek and vibrant new website aesthetic.

Esuasive Case Study Images - Hexagons

A custom refresh emphasising business to client collaboration

"JUMP were patient and hardworking on this project and we are very pleased with the result. Our new brand identity is a massive step up and will help kick Esuasive into a new growth phase. Huge thanks to everyone involved!"

Nick Hill, Director

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