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The demand for luxurious property and global real estate has grown over the past few years. Global Property Concierge has assisted numerous individuals with navigating the intricacies of purchasing a second home and helped them unlock the potential of selling properties in Mallorca.

JUMP was tasked with creating two professional and personalised websites for Global Property Concierge - Mallorca Property Concierge and Mallorca Property Collection. Each website had distinctive goals and technical additions to improve the overall experience.

The smarter way to manage a backend website

JUMP began this project with one of Global Property Concierge’s sub-brands, Mallorca Property Concierge.  

Mallorca Property Concierge’s website had previously been built on the October CMS platform. It was through the existing use of October CMS that Mallorca Property Concierge first became aware of JUMP. 

Recognising our expertise and affiliation with crafting exceptional websites using October CMS, Mallorca Property Concierge sought to collaborate with JUMP to further enhance their digital presence and optimise their online operations. This initial connection laid the foundation for a developing partnership between Global Property Concierge and JUMP.

Mallorca Property Concierge envisioned an updated version of the previous design, with added elements on the website. This included adding animations into the front end, incorporating parallax effects, and introducing lazy loading WEBP progressive images.

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Introducing user integration and engagement  

After Mallorca Property Concierge was complete, Global Property Concierge opted to continue their service with JUMP on another one of their sub-brands, Mallorca Property Collection.

To start, JUMP's design team was involved in conducting an audit of the existing design visuals and industry competitors. The specific objective here was to generate recommendations from our experienced team. JUMP approached the recommendations panel by panel, making small tweaks that made the text more readable.

The Mallorca Property Collection website was built to provide users with account-related features, enhancing their overall experience on the platform. 

These features include account establishment where users are given the opportunity to create personalised accounts on the website. These accounts serve as a gateway for users to bookmark their favourite properties to review at a later date. Users can easily set up accounts with their chosen login credentials, ensuring a seamless and secure experience. 

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Optimising user experience across functional website features 

JUMP embarked on a series of improvements to optimise user experience.

JUMP developed the previously existing advanced search filter system that empowered users to fine-tune their property searches according to their specific criteria. This included options to filter by living area, plot size, sea access, and other customisable attributes. By utilising these filters, users can swiftly identify properties that align with their unique preferences, therefore optimising their property search experience.

The website also provides an extensive gallery of information and guidance concerning the property acquisition process in Spain. The Mallorca Property Collection website takes user convenience to the next level by offering advanced account features like property favouriting and a robust search filter system. These tools empower users to efficiently explore, save, and discover properties that match their requirements. This commitment to user-centric design elevates the website's status as a valuable resource for those in search of real estate in Mallorca.

Real-time updates provided by CRM integration

In addition to its user-focused features, the website developed by JUMP boasts a seamless and highly specialised integration with Inmobalia CRM, an innovative real estate management system. This integration is designed to enhance the automatic updates to the website, benefitting both the users as well as Global Property Concierge. 

The website backend and Inmobalia CRM are intricately connected, ensuring that any changes made within the CRM are reflected on the website within five minutes. This means that visitors to the website have access to the most current and accurate property information. Whether it's price adjustments, property availability status, or any other property-related updates, users can rely on the website to provide real-time information, therefore facilitating informed decision-making.

JUMP helped to evolve this site that needed to effectively communicate two key aspects of Global Property Concierge: their unwavering dedication to providing personalised and tailor-made services and their commitment to maintaining a sleek and seamless design. JUMP approached each task intending to establish a distinct and remarkable digital presence, ensuring that Global Property Concierge could set itself apart from its competitors in the luxury real estate industry.

A comprehensive and customised dual website solution

"Working with JUMP has been a fantastic experience. They are professional and knowledgeable and I cannot recommend them highly enough. To have a team you can rely on and partner with of this calibre is everything for a business such as ours."

Michelle and Julian Cunningham-Bond, Co-CEOs

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