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Leading the way in the built environment

NBS is a global technology platform that brings together software, content and communication tools for those involved at any stage of a building project.  

NBS has been part of a digital revolution in the construction industry, creating software products that increase efficiency and reduce risk, allowing teams to work together and share crucial specification information. 

JUMP provided brand consultancy support to help NBS bring to market a new cloud-based platform and to restructure their product offer.

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Naming a key new platform to resonate with global audiences

The new cloud-based platform that NBS was developing would allow customers more powerful access to NBS software for multiple teams working anywhere around the world. 

JUMP was commissioned to capture the essence of the platform in a name that would sit comfortably with the NBS brand.

Extensive thematic research, name development and user testing was conducted to define the chosen name: Chorus. Defined as ‘a group of persons singing in unison’, ‘Chorus’ represents a group of people with individual responsibilities that must perform in harmony to create the best outcome. 


Defining a product architecture

NBS is a responsive organisation that rapidly adapts to its customers’ needs and invests heavily in innovation. The outcome of this however is a varied portfolio of products, the structure of which had become cluttered over the years. 

JUMP’s role was to work with a cross-discipline team from NBS to define, sort and structure the portfolio in such a way that it reflected the organisation now but would also support future expansion and developments.

JUMP also worked with NBS to communicate the new brand strategy and product hierarchy to the wider organisation to create a clarity of message that was embedded in every member of staff.

Blonde lady presenting the new Chorus name on screen in a light room full of seated people

An estimated value of £7.5 billion worth of projects are now live on the NBS Chorus system

"JUMP worked hard to get under the skin of our complex organisation and helped us navigate through a significant period of change, both internally and externally."

Richard Waterhouse, CEO

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