Changing times

By Robert Brown

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A graphic of the quote: Old ways won't open new doors

After visiting a valued customer recently for our regular catch-up, we began to discuss the necessity of making changes in order to remain competitive.

On this same day, I met a business owner for the first time and we were discussing the benefits of taking his business online and selling his products and services to a wider audience through his website. I explained that this wider audience included visitors using a range of devices such as mobile and tablet. After demonstrating some real-world examples however, he stated that he couldn’t see the point in using his mobile for more than phone calls, let alone to visit a website. Today more than ever, it is important that we adapt quickly in order to stay in tune with customers and their changing habits.

Old ways won’t open new doors…

These conversations caused me to think about “change”, and how as an individual I have experienced so much both in a personal and work capacity. I firmly believe that in order to succeed at whatever you wish to do no matter how great or small, you have to be prepared to change.

When starting out as a business owner, my business needed to improvise and adapt quickly to survive and thrive in the face of the unpredictable challenges of the marketplace. It was daunting and mistakes were made along the way, but below the surface they presented the perfect opportunity to learn, to evolve and better ourselves as a business. So what is central to this change?

I believe it is necessary to embrace new people and perspectives, learning as much as possible from others and enriching your own views. At JUMP, we realise that we need talented people who come into our business and join our challenge with fresh eyes and a clear view of our emerging customers. Our team consists of creative, forward-thinking people who seek to continually improve and move forward as individuals but also hold a strong focus on how the business, its services and customers can benefit from their experience.  

The same goes for the range of clients we meet and their varying needs. Each company that we work with presents us with new challenges and exciting ways of working. By working closely and collaboratively with them, we can present finished articles that are a direct result of a mutual desire to get the best possible result. Whether it be a design or digital solution, this always provides a huge amount of satisfaction and accomplishment for everyone involved.

Lastly, it is important to welcome new practices, and especially, new tools and technologies. In such a fast-paced industry, moving with the changing times is crucial to keeping up with your customers and ultimately, outpacing the competition. It is impossible and in fact counterproductive to use every new technology out there, but to show ignorance towards these advancements may mean you miss something that could take your business or your customer’s business to new levels.

So here is the challenge for all of us - to face change head on. We need to realise that only through an open mind, an interest in others and moving with the changing times, can we gain the key to opening new doors. 

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