Working as one team across design, development and marketing

By Kasey Murphy

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Did you know that companies with teams that collaborate effectively are five times more likely to be high-performing?

Collaboration is not merely a buzzword but a prominent force in driving organisations to be efficient and produce the best outcomes for their clients.

Here at JUMP, we have three main teams that collaborate both within their teams and across the organisation to bring out the best in all of our clients. The design team, the development team, and the marketing team all offer services individually or collaboratively across the business for all of our clients.

Within certain projects, the teams crossover and work together, boosting the optimisation of our client’s business.

The design team 

The JUMP design team adopts a comprehensive approach to any project, firmly convinced that each undertaking, be it crafting a website or designing a brand, must seamlessly align with a comprehensive brand strategy.

The design team are experts in website design, branding (including naming), logo design, brand strategy, graphic design, print design, brand identity, user research, and brand communications. 

Our goal throughout branding and design is to convey brand materials in a compelling manner that encapsulates the essence of our client’s identity and resonates with the brand’s values, whilst also standing out against competitors.

The development team 

Our development team have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to designing, orchestrating and developing technical solutions.

Services from JUMP’s development team include accessible web development, e-commerce development, API integration and AWS infrastructure management.

We're confident in our ability to lay a solid foundation for a brand's online presence, making sure it can thrive in a changing landscape. We listen to what the business needs and create customised digital and User Experience (UX) designs that cater to specific audiences.

In addition, we work with bespoke designs from our design team to help turn a vision into reality. 

The marketing team 

The marketing team at JUMP thrives on client brands and websites created by JUMP. We work with a strategy that includes a company’s business and marketing goals and assign marketing activity based on these goals. 

Within the marketing team, we can assist with copywriting, SEO, social media management, advertising management (including social media and PPC), campaign management, and email marketing.

We keep up with trends, optimise content for certain platforms, and keep track of the performance of all marketing. Utilising the creative atmosphere and minds at JUMP, we are able to think outside of the box and create our vision as a team. 

Working across teams: process and tools

When working with JUMP, clients have direct access to the teams who are working on their projects. This means that clients will talk directly to a developer, designer, or marketer for any of their queries in the corresponding area, not an account manager. 

This, however, does not by any means mean that there aren’t processes in place for us to work together to deliver the best outcome. 

When clients work with JUMP, they have access to the perspectives of multiple different individuals from the other teams to ensure the end product is technically functional, creatively designed, and strategically connected to the overall goals. 

To effectively work across teams and gain a design, development, and marketing perspective, there are processes in place to ensure we work together efficiently between us and with the client!

The JUMP process

To start, there is always a team meeting with everyone who will be working on the project. From the beginning stage, JUMP ensures all teams involved in a project work together for research and kick off the project with an efficient timeline. 

Throughout this timeline, some teams might be working at the same time to deliver an outcome. For example, design and marketing will work together at the same time with a client to do a tone of voice workshop for brand guidelines and a messaging workshop for marketing messages. This optimises both client time, to work with us in a workshop-style, but also allows us to collaborate and bounce ideas and questions off each other. 

After research and a kick-off meeting, each team works on tasks that are specific to their expertise to get the ball rolling. Then, the teams will come together to combine their individual work and work together on creating one final version for the client to see and amend. This process will continue with each task set until we have a finished project where all teams who are involved, as well as the client, feel we are at the best possible outcome. 

JUMP tools

We also utilise an array of tools at the office to pass tasks, designs, and information needed from team to team. 

We use Miro boards to help visualise ideas and take notes in face-to-face meetings and workshops. This is a collaborative board that we can add to and use as a basis for our projects. 

We also use task and project management tools like Asana and Axosoft to help keep track of all parts and tasks regarding to a project. 

In addition, we use Sketch and Figma to showcase website design and translate it into development services for the creation of a website. 

For our motion graphics and animation processes, the design team uses AfterEffects to allow the animations to function on different platforms.

Certain projects like websites and creating marketing material automatically require support and collaboration across all three JUMP teams, so we must have processes and tools that allow for seamless conversations and collaboration. 

Ambitious new websites 

One of our most popular services is website creation. We pride ourselves on creating ambitious websites, that stand out against competitors, and align with our client’s goals. 

Creating a truly great and optimised website entails combining all of our teams’ knowledge and collaborating on the project. After 16 years of service, we have a finely tuned process for creating websites down to a seamless flow, creating beautifully designed and responsive websites. 

Our websites always start out with a sitemap, in which the design team, development team and marketing team input their perspectives on what is needed to be the main structure of the website, working alongside the marketing goals. 

After this, the design team takes over, looking into research, competitors, and creating wireframes. The design team works together to collaborate on research and understand user experience to aid the design process and to create the most optimised plan for design. From here, they design in Sketch and Figma and start conversations with the development team to ensure everything is understood and can be coded and created in the development stage. 

The design is then shown to the client and tweaks can be added at this point! Then, it is passed over to the developers to build. 

Through the development stage, the website is created and built from a mobile-first CSS framework, starting with mobile website development and working up to the desktop. In addition, the website is built to support SEO practices. This is an extremely important part of the website build, as search engine optimisation starts from the functionality of the website, not just the content. 

After the website is built by our developers, the CMS is integrated, allowing the website to be edited from a front-end perspective. This allows the development team to show the website to the client, and deliver training on how to add or change specific copy or content on the website. 

The final step of the website is writing out the text copy and migrating content from the old website over to the new website. This is where our marketing team can come back in! The marketing team can help optimise client website content for SEO or assist in copywriting landing pages and blogs. 

In addition, after the project is delivered, all of the teams are available for support contracts, allowing us to ensure the website and other marketing endeavours are consistent and optimised. 

Successful marketing material 

Having a fantastic website that engages target audiences is probably one of the best marketing tools brands can have - but it is most certainly not the only one. 

Marketing works best when using multiple channels beyond online and website. 84% of marketers use a wide variety of channels in their campaigns, and surveys show that 74% of customers interact with more than one channel before completing a purchase.

This is where having JUMP’s marketing team as an extension of your team comes in handy. We work with clients to coordinate a marketing strategy that aligns with business goals and introduces creative concepts for unique campaigns.

We can also work using an existing marketing strategy to create marketing material that stands out across social media, advertisement platforms, emails, blogs, or more!

The marketing team can suggest ideas based on current trends and performance metrics and work with the design and development team to make these a reality. 

Working with the marketing team at JUMP starts with a strategy, ensuring every action is specifically helping to reach a goal for the business. Once a strategy and plan of action are clear, new material can be created. 

The marketing team works with the designers by creating a brief and running through projects to explain the importance and vision, whilst utilising the designers' creative innovation. The marketing team works with the development team by identifying a goal for the website or another digital service that would help optimise marketing activity. 

Having access to a marketing team that can easily work with developers and designers - and specifically, the developers and designers who made your brand and website is extremely rare and an ideal opportunity. 

Work with three experts in one organisation

Working with JUMP means working with three different expertises - marketing, design, and development. It is the best way to have well-rounded activity that truly benefits your brand! 

Work with all three of our teams today, and gain access to a partner who can give you creative and technical solutions to make your brand stand out. 

Contact us today.

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