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Realigning the name and brand

3Dental are digital dental experts specialising in aligner manufacture and treatment plans for dentists throughout the UK.

At JUMP, we began the project with renaming the brand which was previously called 3D Printed Dental Models. The name 3Dental was selected following research and workshop sessions to help understand the target audience and to better capture the essence of the business. The client felt 3Dental was easy to understand, resonated with who they are, separated them from the competition and was memorable and ownable.

Once we had a decision on the name, JUMP then moved onto creating the brand. 3Dental’s aim is to deliver consistent quality so we wanted the brand to align with this. A diamond for us represented “pearly whites” in dentistry as well high accuracy, efficiency and quality so we hid this within the negative space of ‘3D’ and were able to make this into a graphic device in the form of a grid pattern.

3Dental aligner boxes in grey and green

A website for digital dentistry

As one of the largest aligner manufacturers in the UK, the site’s key purpose is to offer a 3D printing solution for dental labs who are unable to deal with the transition to digital dentistry. A clear structure highlighting the products, benefits and process, easy navigation and a streamlined customer journey were key. Therefore, functionality and signposting to the customer portal were crucial.

JUMP also worked on a bespoke video for the hero on the homepage. We considered renders and animation but ended up creating the footage by hand. Using 3D printed models, a sheet of acrylic to sit them on and watered-down paint, these were lifted in and out of the liquid by hand to resemble the models rising from resin. We then took this into After Effects to brighten, increase contrast and loop the footage.

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Portal for dental labs

The primary goal of the portal was to increase 3Dental’s management efficiency and improve customer experience by automating complex business manufacturing processes and providing dentists with a digital monitoring system. 

With the dental treatment and manufacturing journey being complex and data-heavy, it was crucial to make sure the digital solution is swift and user-friendly. Using progressive framework tools, JUMP built a custom interface allowing dentists to quickly upload multiple digital dental scans, confirm automatically pulled patient data from the files is correct, highlight any issues in the instant feedback and begin their multi-staged manufacturing process. To integrate these even further, JUMP used state pattern behaviour to make the system easily manageable while accurately mirroring business logic. Furthermore, a notification system was built in place to ensure all parties involved are kept up to date with the manufacturing process.

3Dental portal on tablet screens

Advanced digital dental manufacturing

"It was vital that our new identity was ownable and captured what we do as a business while translating seamlessly into our website and portal. JUMP understood this from day one which has helped us stand out in our sector."

Liam Monte, Director

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