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Rebranding and Enhancing Digital Efficiency

In the continuously changing landscape of dental technology, a significant transformation was set in motion when 3Dental, a pioneering digital dental expert specialising in aligner manufacturing and dental treatment plans, embarked on a journey to realign its name and brand identity.

This project, led by JUMP, set out to create a brand identity that not only resonated with the company's ethos but also enhanced its operational efficiency through the development of a cutting-edge digital portal.

Renaming the brand and creating an identity

The transformation began with the name itself. Formerly known as 3D Printed Dental Models the decision to rebrand was rooted in the desire to better reflect the core essence of the business. JUMP's approach was methodical, involving in-depth research and workshop sessions aimed at understanding the target audience.

After careful consideration, 3Dental emerged as the new identity. This choice was meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the company. The new name was preferred because it was not only easy to understand but it effectively set the company apart from its competitors and was designed to be both memorable and distinctively ownable.

With the name redefined, the next step was to breathe life into the brand identity. 3Dental's primary goal was clear – to consistently deliver top quality. This objective was mirrored in the brand identity.

The chosen symbol was a diamond, strategically nestled within the negative space of the 3D in 3Dental. The diamond represented the pristine quality associated with ‘pearly whites’ in dentistry. It also symbolised high accuracy, efficiency, and quality - all key pillars of 3Dental's service. The diamond, seamlessly integrated into the brand, took the form of a grid pattern, making it not only aesthetically appealing but also a powerful representation of the company's commitment to excellence.

The digital portal for dental labs

Parallel to the rebranding process, 3Dental recognised the need to enhance its operational efficiency and the overall experience for its customers, primarily dentists. This led to the creation of a groundbreaking digital portal, expertly developed by JUMP.

The digital portal had two main aims. First, it aimed to streamline 3Dental's management processes, making them more efficient. Second, it sought to improve the experience for dentists by providing a seamless digital monitoring system.

The dental treatment and manufacturing journey is known for its complexity and data-heavy nature. Therefore, the digital solution had to be not only swift but also user-friendly. JUMP leveraged progressive framework tools to design a custom interface that allowed dentists to rapidly upload multiple digital dental scans. The system automatically confirmed patient data accuracy from the files, promptly provided feedback on any issues, and facilitated a multi-staged manufacturing process.

To further enhance integration and manageability, JUMP implemented state pattern behaviour, ensuring that the system accurately mirrored 3Dental's unique business logic. In addition, a notification system was integrated to keep all involved parties informed and updated on the manufacturing process, enhancing communication and collaboration.

This transformative project serves as a shining example of how a well-crafted brand identity and a technologically advanced digital portal can work together to elevate a company to new heights.

Advanced digital dental manufacturing

"It was vital that our new identity was ownable and captured what we do as a business while translating seamlessly into our website and portal. JUMP understood this from day one which has helped us stand out in our sector."

Liam Monte, Director

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