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Limitless are a tech company that provide a voice for brand and product experts on a global scale. They believe the customer experience should be an effortless journey, especially when it comes to the support provided after purchase. Limitless have created the ultimate platform for product support, delivering a service which connects customers with real know-how experts to deliver seamless customer experiences.

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Bringing a new brand to life…

Limitless had recently undergone a brand refresh, utilising a striking blue colour palette, gradients, fonts, and circular graphic elements. Limitless commissioned JUMP to bring these elements to life through a new dynamic website. From the beginning, it was clear a large sitemap was required to communicate the platform features and benefits to the customer. This would lead to the design and creation of many versatile ‘content’ panels providing Limitless with the future-proof tools they would need to display any existing and future content.  

Breathing life into the circular graphic device led to the implementation of a range of CSS based animations. The biggest success was integrating the interactive semi-circle used to house imagery. The challenge was to ensure the circular graphic device moved in response to the user scrolling through the website. The result is a unique blend of interactive and static elements which collectively breathe life into the brand.

New integrations

The website integrates with a number of systems including HubSpot. HubSpot forms is an intelligent way to capture data and quickly produce forms based on that data. The main advantage of this system is that it connects directly to a website’s CRM, meaning any changes made to a form happens sitewide and reduces the amount of manual work required to manage the form. At JUMP we are always looking to challenge ourselves and the integration of HubSpot CRM forms was a great opportunity to become experts in this field, adding this functionality to our offering whilst providing Limitless a flawless system and enabling them to get the most out of their data.

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Creating extraordinary customer experiences

"When we decided to refresh the Limitless brand we went looking for a partner that could provide an up to date technology solution for our web property. We found that with JUMP. I’d recommend JUMP to anybody in a similar circumstance."

Darryl Addington, VP of Marketing

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